Twitch has emerged as a leading platform for live streaming dominated by male streamers but since the times have changed and there has been a significant rise in the influence of female streamers within the platform.

Top 10 Female Twitch Streamers

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 female Twitch streamers that have completely taken the world by storm by showcasing their unique talents, gaming skills, and engaging content. You can also check, the most followed Twitch streamers as well. So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the list.

Top 10 Female Twitch Streamers

From female professional players to lifestyle content creators, Below we have added the top 10 female content creators who are the best at what they are doing.

Top Females Twitch Streamers according to Followers

1. Pokimane

Imane Anys, most popularly known as Pokimane is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch and is known for her dynamic gaming content.

Imane Anys, or “Pokimane”, is a Moroccan-American Twitch streamer and YouTuber famous for her gaming content, most notably (but not limited to) League of Legends, Fortnite, Valorant, and Among Us. 


She is just as famous on other platforms, mostly on YouTube, where she posts highlights of her Twitch streams and different collaborations. 

She is known for her bubbly, sweet, and relatable demeanor which has garnered her a dedicated fanbase that is not limited to the gaming community. Her streams mostly consist of interactive gameplays, chatting sessions, and occasional life vlogs. Here are the strategies to get popular on Twitch as a female streamer.

2. Amouranth

This next female streamer on our list has over 6.4 million followers. She initially gained recognition for her cosplay content, and she has since expanded her content to focus more on gaming, but she also makes various styles of content such as ASMR videos, and chat interactions.


Apart from Twitch, Amouranth is very popular on other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter where she uploads vlogs and behind the scenes to her Twitch streams, shares her streaming schedule, and interacts with fans. 

Her gorgeous visuals, charming personality, and interactive abilities have made her one of the best female Twitch streamers of 2023. 

3. LoserFruit

Kathleen Belsten is another popular Australian Twitch streamer that has gained traction for playing games such as Overwatch and other main AAA titles such as The Witcher 3 etc. 

Loserfruit became popular through her engaging gaming content, including major multiplayer games such as Fortnite and Among Us.


Like all of our streamers on this list, LoserFruit also has a major presence on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, where she regularly updates her personal life, streaming schedule, and other content. 

Her genuine passion for gaming, easy-going personality, quick wit, and inclusivity have attracted not only an English audience but audiences from all sorts of backgrounds. She’s now one of the biggest names among the best female streamers on Twitch. 

4. Lilypichu

Lily Ki, better known as “Lilypichu” is another popular Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and musician. She is, yet again, mostly famous for her live gameplay streams where she mostly plays League of Legends, Valorant, and Animal Crossing. She has gained a lot of recognition from playing other games such as Among Us with other popular streamers such as Sykkuno. 


In addition to that she is famous for her song covers, instrument sessions, and collaborations. She occasionally features her drawings and chatting sessions on her live streams. Furthermore, Lilypichu is famous for her animation and her Japanese lifestyle videos as well. 

5. Sweet Anita

Another major name on this list is Sweet Anita, whose popularity took off last year. While her real name is not publicly known, she is known for her unique personality and primary gaming content. Where she plays titles such as Overwatch, Valorant, and Apex Legends. 

Sweet Anita

What sets sweet Anita apart from other top female Twitch streamers and has gotten her the title of “The Tourette’s queen of Twitch” is her Tourette’s syndrome. Her involuntary tics that sometimes come out as unique swear words are something she incorporates into her content in a fun way. She uses her platforms to educate people about Tourette’s and reduce the stigma surrounding this condition. 

Her collaborations with big names on YouTube such as Anthony Padilla have given her recognition on other platforms. 

6. Ironmouse

Ironmouse, unlike our other Twitch streamers on this list, is a little different as she is a virtual streamer and a Vtuber. 

Ironmouse, also known as Mousey, is another popular Twitch streamer known for her energetic personality, high-pitched voice, and singing skills. She stands out from other top female Twitch streamers due to her “virtual persona” on her streams and YouTube videos.


She also does singing sessions and posts them on YouTube as music covers and other social media platforms.

Her animated character online is the face of her brand which allows her to do something different that other female streamers on Twitch. Her humorous content, commentary, and active fan interaction make her one of the best streamers on the platform.

7. Loeya

Loeya is a popular Swedish streamer on Twitch who is famous for her Fortnite, CSGO, Valorant, and other multiplayer shooting games.


Loeya’s Twitch content revolves around multiplayer shooter games like Fortnite along with other titles such as Minecraft and among us that showcase her talent as a gamer. She has a friendly and easy-going demeanor that has helped her garner a strong fanbase. 

8. itsHAFU

The next on our list is Rumay Wang, an American-Chinese streamer best known by her handle name “ItsHAFU”. She is known for her professional World of Warcraft career; this can be proven by her winning the WoW 2008 MLG Dallas tournament. Additionally, she is also big on board games, winning an online chess tournament. She also professionally plays Hearthstone and Teamfight Tactics. 


Her Twitch streams mostly revolve around gaming content, where she showcases her strategies, and skills and shows her insight. She’s known for her exceptional analytical skills and strategies that come with being a professional player. She engages with her audience through comments, Q&A, and tip-sharing.

9. Valkyrae

Rachell Hofstetter, famously known as Valkyrae is another big name in the Twitch streaming world. Valkayrae was the most-watched streamer in 2020, surpassing Pokimane in views. She has a contract with YouTube Gaming and with a famous gaming organization called “1000 Thieves” which took her under after she gained recognition.


She initially started by posting gaming content on Instagram, which gained her enough following for her to start streaming on Twitch. 

On Twitch, Valkayrae is popular for her gaming streams, with games such as Among Us, Valorant, and Fortnite Battle Royal. She does interactive gameplays and has a friendly and open environment on her channel. 

Additionally, she is very active on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Regularly interacting with her fans through comments and posts about her gaming and personal life.

10. KittyPlays

Kristen Valnicek, who goes by the popular name “KittyPlays”, is another widely known gaming Twitch streamer but her content is not limited to that. It goes beyond gaming and focuses somewhat on lifestyle and her artistic endeavors. 


Kittyplays is not only famous for her streams, but she is a highly successful entrepreneur and is also changing the scene for female Twitch streamers through her networking company that focuses on new female Twitch streamers and their communities.

Kittyplays is not only limited to content creation she is also known for playing Fortnite in the pro scene and her skills are not only limited to Fortnite. She is a beast in all of the recent first-person shooter titles such as PubG, Overwatch, and Valorant.

She actively makes videos on personal development and lifestyle and showcases her art and paintings during her streams. 


This extensive list of the top 10 female Twitch streamers showcases the talent and skill female Twitch streamers have that have helped them gain massive fanbases. All of them have their unique personalities and content that engages with their audience, contributing to the ever-growing community of life streamers.