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Twitch’s popularity is hidden to no one, the platform does not acknowledge the world’s best gaming content creators but other artworks, and musicians as well. Twitch currently has over 7 million active streamers and in all this saturation it has become relatively hard to gain a larger audience.

Twitch offers a video posting feature, pre-recorded videos that you can upload on your account. Your viewers can pause, rewind, or fast-forward these videos.

Apart from this, Twitch also allows you to save your live broadcasts on your channel so that your viewers can rewind and enjoy your streams later on but you need to enable this feature from the settings.

Here’s the most important thing; you must be a Twitch affiliate or Partner to upload clips or save your live broadcasts on Twitch.

Buying Twitch video views helps you increase your overall reach on the platform and showcase your talent to a wider range of audience.

GrowthMount is the best site to buy Twitch video views because they offer market-competitive prices along with a wide range of packages for our audience. You can also acquire a customized package from GrowthMount that will help you grow in the best way possible.

How Does Twitch Video Views Work?

Just like any other social media platform, Twitch videos work the same, people scroll through their feed, look at different videos, and stick to a video if they find it credible.

Once you start experiencing better viewership on your Twitch videos, Twitch’s algorithm starts directing organic audience to your channel which helps you grow on the platform in the long run.

Buy Twitch Video Views

Why Should You Buy Twitch Video Views?

We’re here to offer you credibility, because on streaming platforms like Twitch. There are tons of people uploading several videos on their channels. If you’re a small content creator who doesn’t get tons of views then why would new viewers who come across your videos would stick to your content?

It’s the credibility that makes them acknowledge your content and stick to it. How can you get credibility? If you buy Twitch video views from us, people will start sticking to your content considering the fact that you already have many views on your videos.

This would open great opportunities for you to grow on Twitch because they will not get the chance to experience your quality content but viewers will also know that you’re not spreading false or misleading content on the platform and you will start gaining organic audience in the long run.

Creating high-quality content is the key to generating revenue on Twitch, Buying video views could work as a kick-starter to give you the right boost that will help you reach your right audience but it’s never gonna help you become famous.

NOTE: Many platforms on the internet offer Twitch video views also called VOD (Video on Demand) views and claim to increase streamer’s standing and credibility on the platform but they use fake bots to generate Twitch video views. Therefore, here’s a disclaimer; Always do your homework before buying any Twitch video views because views generated by bots may result in the risk of losing your Twitch account.

We at GrowthMount offer real Twitch video views as we use manual people to increase your views which makes our services 100% safe for your Twitch growth.

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Benefits of Buying Twitch Video Views From GrowthMount

  • Improve Credibility: Gain your audience’s trust by buying Twitch VOD views from us.
  • Improve your reach: Our Twitch video views boost your channel’s ranking on the platform which results in attracting more organic audience to your channel.
  • Customer Support: GrowthMount’s customer support desk is available at your service around the clock. You can get your queries answered anytime.
  • Customized and Affordable Packages: GrowthMount stands out as the best platform for purchasing Twitch services, thanks to our affordable Twitch video views and extensive customization options.
  • Fast Delivery: GrowthMount starts working on your order within 5 minutes of your order. We offer the best delivery practices to ensure the safety of your account.
  • Secure Delivery: We do not gather any personal information like your account’s password to deliver you real Twitch video views, all we require is your channel’s name, the URL of the profile, and payment confirmation.
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How to Buy Twitch Video Views

Twitch Analytics Dashboard

Select a Package

Go through the packages listed above and select the one you need.

Fill In Your Details

After selecting, provide us the video URL on which you want views (*Make sure you send us the correct URL.)

Pay For Twitch Video Views

Just pay the invoice via our secured payment methods and done!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Twitch Allow Buying Twitch Video Views?

Twitch does not stop its users from buying Twitch video views if they’re generated from the right source. In easier words, Twitch does not allow buying video views if they’re generated by bots. Twitch detects your viewers and if they find out that your viewers have been generated using a shortcut, you might end up losing your Twitch account.

Therefore, we always assist our audience to never go for social media providers that use shortcuts to send you views. GrowthMount uses real people to send you real views, This method excludes any kind of risk involved and it potentially helps you to get your base developed on a saturated platform like Twitch.

Q: Is buying Twitch video views worth it?

It’s totally worth it if you’re a small content creator on Twitch. It will help your content reach its right audience. The paid views help your content trigger Twitch’s algorithms which results in experiencing organic growth on your channel.

How? When your views increase, Twitch starts recommending your content to a greater number of audience, the credibility attracts more people to your channel in the long term. So, there’s no harm in buying Twitch video views if you’ve just started out on Twitch.

Q: Is it safe to buy Twitch video views?

The market has got super saturated lately but at GrowthMount, we offer 100% secure payment and delivery options. We do not gather any personal information to deliver you the results and our delivery takes a few minutes.


Twitch video views will increase your channel’s ranking on Twitch allowing you to reach to a wider audience. Check out our affordable and cheap Twitch video views right now. You can also reach out to us to create a customized Twitch video views package that suits both your budget and your needs.