Twitch followers do not only represent your success and standing on Twitch but the first 50 followers also allow you to get eligible for the Twitch affiliate program. In this guide, we will explore effective strategies to help you get your first 50 followers on Twitch.

How to Get 50 Followers on Twitch

From optimizing your stream to engaging with your audience, let’s dive into the steps that can lead you toward achieving this goal.

How to Get 50 Followers on Twitch

To improve your following on Twitch, it’s important to create high-quality content that stands out and provides your Twitch viewers with a high-quality viewing experience. Here are some key steps to set up your stream that will help you land your first 50 followers on Twitch.

1. High-Quality Gear

The importance of a high-quality microphone cannot be overlooked. It allows you to capture your vocals with the perfect clarity and precision. This not only improves the quality of your stream but also boosts your self-confidence which pushes you to create better content for your audience.

As a small content creator, you should definitely invest in your gear as it’s gonna reward you in the longer run and motivate you to do better and eventually land those first 50 followers on Twitch in no time.

Get High Quality Equipment to Achieve 50 Followers fast

Twitch streamers with high-quality webcams do better than streamers with no webcams. People want to see you, look upon you, and enjoy your journey along with you. That’s why it’s recommended to invest in a quality webcam as well to stay connected with your audience.

2. Pre-Define Your Targeted Audience

Whether you are a professional esports athlete or a full-time content creator. Your goals should always be predetermined. This strategy improves your focus to achieve your targeted goals.

Start by finding your targeted audience and give your hundred percent to grab that attention on Twitch. Create content that would help you get maximum followers on Twitch i.e. if you are a professional player then start by delivering daily trips and tricks that can help newbies improve their play style.

This targeted content creation for your audience boosts up your growth on Twitch allowing you to grab those 50 followers on Twitch in less than a month.

3. Networking & Collaborations

Let your in-game friends know that you have created your Twitch channel and ask them to promote it as well. Furthermore, try joining other gaming communities where you could find your potential followers and make friends there. This will eventually help you get many followers directly or indirectly.

Collab with other streamers

You can also reach out to other content creators working on the same niche as you and ask them for collaborations as it helps both of you get wider audiences.

4. Plan Entertaining and Engaging Content

Exploring different games that align with your niche always helps in landing more followers. Actively engage with your followers and set up custom games for your viewers. Encourage your viewers to bring their friends and play games with them. 

Plan Entertaining and Engaging Content

Furthermore, as a streamer, you should not miss a single chance to engage with your viewers. Make sure that you are responding to all the chats and encouraging the viewer’s presence always helps in developing a loyal community. 

5. Ask for Followers

Landing those first 50 followers on Twitch can be hard if you do not play smart. Those first 50 followers could be your family, your friends, and friends of your friends. Sounds simple, right?

Ask for Followers

Asking your friends to drop a follow is always a smart idea to get those first 50 followers in a matter of days. Drop your Twitch channel’s link on your family WhatsApp group as well as your friends and you will get eligible for the Twitch affiliate program in no time. You can also buy Twitch followers from us at a reasonable price.

6. Social Media Platforms

A strong presence on social media platforms makes a significant difference by boosting your visibility and attracting viewers to your stream, ultimately converting them into followers. Promote your streams using Twitter and Instagram by posting daily stream updates to help you improve your social media presence.

Social Media Platforms

You can offer exclusive content on social media as well that complements your Twitch genre and your personality but it is not the same as Twitch. This could include behind-the-scenes glimpses of your setup, gaming tips, or anything you feel like sharing. This will help you create an audience on social media platforms and ultimately they will join you on Twitch as well.

7. Stay Consistent

Once you start grinding to achieve your goal, stay focused and avoid distractions. You might lose interest in the middle of your journey because of your slow progress but trust me you’re just one step away.

Start playing smart and use effective strategies to increase your reach on Twitch. You cannot fail until you accept it. Keep trying to improve your content, stay consistent with your streaming schedule, and always stream on golden hours to get the maximum engagement on your streams.


We know that achieving that first recognition on Twitch is hard but it gets a lot easier if you follow the right techniques. Consistency and a focused mindset is the key to success. Combine these effective strategies with your hard work and you will see the results soon. We hope this comprehensive guide helped you with effective ideas that can help you get your first 50 followers on Twitch.