How to Fake Donate on Twitch?

There are many ways to fake donate on Twitch but why they people do this? Do they enjoy trolling streamers? Is it illegal? What are the benefits of fake donations on Twitch and how they can lead to cause harm to others on Twitch?

How to Fake Donate on Twitch

Here’s your ultimate guide on how to fake donate on Twitch and how you can counter and detect those donations as a streamer. Continue reading to find out everything about them.

What are Fake Donations on Twitch?

The act of donating money to streamers on Twitch while there is no donation done in real refers to fake donations on Twitch. Such immature acts are deceptive and demotivating for others, hence, we do not support such acts as they are highly unethical.

People use bots’ automated systems to do fake donations for fun where the streamer receives a message which states that they have received a donation but it is just a fake one, people just enjoy themselves by trolling others.

What are Fake Donations on Twitch

In this guide, we shall not only introduce you to the several ways to fake donate on Twitch but also tell you how as a streamer you can counter those fake donations.

The people who do such acts should get responsible as such acts could cause harm that they might have never imagined in the first place.

How to Fake Donate on Twitch with Chat Commands

To make your chat donation message look exactly like an authentic one, you’d require to change your name’s color on Twitch. To do that, you will need your Twitch account to connect with your Amazon Prime account.

How to Change Your Name Colour on Twitch

How to Change Your Name Colour on Twitch

Follow the steps below to change your name color on Twitch.

  • Go to
  • Go to your settings
  • Click on “Prime Gaming” section.
  • From the Prime gaming page, you can change your color according to your choice

Once you are done changing the color, follow the steps below to fake donate on Twitch with chat commands.

Fake donate from Twitch Chat with /me command
  • Find a new streamer because an experienced streamer would instantly catch you trolling him.
  • Use /me command in the chat box leading by the message. For example, /me has donated $100

You can create a simple fake donation message following /me command. Once you are done with the process, you can instantly follow the streamer too which will give them an alert sound adding a more authentic feel to your fake donation message.

How to Counter People Doing Fake Chat Donations?

Anyone fake donating on your stream with a /me command won’t harm anyone, it is just a trolling message. If it does not demotivate you and adds more fun and value to your content then you do not need to counter or avoid it. Just let it come, let others have fun, and enjoy it with them.

How to Counter People Doing Fake Donations

However, if it causes trouble to you then follow the steps below.

Block the /me Command

You can simply go to your chatbot settings and turn off the /me command to avoid such trolls. This way, no one could send a message with this command.

Never Believe Your Chat Alerts

Anything you see on chat is not 100% true. Chat alerts could be deceptive and trolls. Therefore, always look for stream alerts to find out if the donations are completely legitimate.

Use Different Sounds for Different Alerts

Use different alert tones for chat alerts and stream alerts, so that you recognize the sound every time you receive a notification.

Fake Donations with PayPal on Twitch

Lately, many steamers have observed fake donations via PayPal on Twitch where their viewers donate them via PayPal and when they accept the donations, the donators demand a refund from PayPal.

Fake Donations with PayPal on Twitch

This practice leads to implementing a chargeback on the streamer’s account which ranges from $20 to $100. Furthermore, any account with a couple of chargebacks in a short period of time drops their trust factor and it can lead their account to get banned.

How to Counter Fake Donations via PayPal on Twitch

Below are a few steps that would help you counter such fake donations via PayPal

How to Counter Fake Donations via PayPal on Twitch

Don’t Lose The Record of Transactions

To deal with such scenarios, one should always keep a record of their donations being done through PayPal; you can always make a sheet where you write down everything including the donators name, date, and every detail about that donation.

Avoid Using the Donation Within Three Months

To avoid such circumstances, you should let the donation amount stay on your account in case anyone tries to troll you by demanding a refund from PayPal.

Illegal Fake Donations via Credit Card

We have observed many cases on Twitch where people use fake virtual cards they find online and donate with them. Such acts are completely illegal and could lead them to court depending on the region they live in and might get them heavily fined or even get jailed for fraudulent activities.

In addition to fake virtual cards, there is another scenario that has a higher probability of occurring is where people donate via their own credit card, and after some time, they demand a refund from their credit card company claiming that they did not get the services they paid for.

Illegal Fake Donations via Credit Card

If you are a streamer who has a credit card widget on their streams in the donation options, we recommend you to remove it and only accept other donation options such as cryptocurrency donations and other safe methods.

How to Counter Fake Donations via Credit Cards

Just like PayPal, getting a chargeback could lead you to pay a fee anywhere between $20 to $100 along with the chances of getting your account frozen. To overcome this below are the few steps you can consider to avoid such scams.

  • If you come across any new or suspicious accounts donating a significant amount to you, it is important to promptly report the incident to Twitch.
  • It is better to exclude credit card donating widgets from your stream.
  • Do not instantly withdraw the donations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do fake donations still exist on Twitch?

A: Yes, there are many different ways to fake donate a streamer on Twitch which could hurt them financially by implementing chargebacks on them. Not only financially, but it disturbs their mindset and lowers their motivation to stream very often on Twitch.

Q: What is the best way to avoid fake donations on Twitch?

A: Lately, in this digital age of modernization, cryptocurrency has become one of the major sources to secure payments online. Twitch also promotes cryptocurrency to make donations on the platform and it does not implies any chargebacks later on. So, it is the most perfect and secure way to accept donations on the platform.

Q: Should I not troll streamers with fake donations and is it illegal?

A: Not just ethically, but also legally Twitch fake donations should not be promoted. You could be charged for doing fraudulent activities on the internet which could get you jailed and also fined a good some of money up to $1000.


Genuine support from real viewers who appreciate your content is what truly matters on platforms like Twitch. Building an honest connection with your audience will contribute more positively towards your growth as a streamer than any deceptive practices ever could.

Therefore, the act of faking donations on Twitch is not only unethical but also violates the platform’s terms of service. Engaging in such behavior can lead to severe consequences, including account suspension or permanent banning.

By staying educated about common tactics used by scammers, regularly reviewing donation settings and privacy options, being cautious when accepting large or suspicious donations, and promptly reporting any instances of fake donating to Twitch support; we can collectively work towards maintaining integrity within this platform.