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What Are Twitch Chatters & Why You Should Buy?

Twitch chatters refer to the people interacting with their favorite content creator on Twitch via messages through the chatbox. The Twitch platform is all about finding better opportunities to socialize with other gamers and streamers and Twitch chatting is a go-to source to interact.

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Twitch chatters signify the popularity of a channel because the more recognition a content creator would receive on his channels and live broadcasts, the more chatters will interact with their content.

Streamers can buy real Twitch chatters and have a good number of chatters on their broadcast but this does not correlate with having a high number of followers on their channel because there are many factors involved to achieve a good number of followers and one of the most important one is having good interaction all the time.

Random Twitch viewers could find your channel somewhere in their suggestions and they could open up your stream and find something interesting going on, this is a major reason for having more chatters than followers.

However, this practice symbolizes your success on the platform and it will eventually help you get more and more permanent followers because many of them will just chat and leave while some of them drop you a follow to see your content more often.

Benefits of Buying Twitch Chatters

Benefits of Buying Twitch Chatters

GrowthMount provides legitimate Twitch chatters to help their customers develop a channel authority which helps them gain more and more chatters and eventually more followers on their streams because when new viewers join up your stream and they see tons of people chatting with the streamer asking them questions, it motivates new viewers to interact and develop connections with new people. Hence, this practice leads to your channel’s growth on Twitch.

We at GrowthMount provide our customers with two different types of chatters allowing them to lead their chatbox according to their own preferences. Continue reading to find out more details about them.

Generic Chatters

The first and most common type of chatter is generic chatter. Generic chatters could interact with your content in different but random ways. They’d most likely cheer you with emotes and random texts once you complete the hardest mission you have been stuck on for two hours. Such chatters do not really consume your content, they just make your chatbox more lively with fun reactions.

Custom Chatters

Here comes our best-selling service, custom chatters. These chatters will exactly interact with you the way you’d like. Our custom chatters system works in a way where you would provide us customize messages that you’d like to see on your chatbox and our real Twitch chatters will exactly the same thing you’ve requested. This service assists streamers in crafting a personalized atmosphere for their live streams, tailored to their preferences.

Below are a few other additional perks you can avail, if you buy Twitch chatters from GrowthMount.

  • Get Better Recognition on Twitch: Our chatter packages will keep your stream lively which would attract more viewers to your stream.
  • Quick Growth: The liveliness of your stream would help you quickly grow on Twitch.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: GrowthMount’s customer support desk is available around the clock. You can mail us or WhatsApp us your queries to get answered anytime.
  • Get Twitch Affiliated: Better visibility and quick growth will help you get affiliated with Twitch in no time.
  • 100% Real Chatters: Your confidence in us is paramount. We utilize only 100% genuine chatters, and our techniques are entirely secure. Rest assured that you won’t be violating any rules, eliminating the risk of facing a ban.
  • Lowest Prices: We guarantee the lowest prices in the market for our services, you won’t find such a deal anywhere else. Buy Twitch chatters now to get the most out of your money.

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How to Buy Twitch Chatters

We are assuming that you are convinced after reading through the perks we provide if you buy Twitch chatters from us. Follow the steps below to make a purchase now.

Twitch Analytics Dashboard

Select a Package

Choose the type of chatters that best suit your needs: generic, custom, or live agent chatters.

Fill In Your Details

After selecting, provide us your Twitch Profile URL so we can deliver the order on that profile (*Make sure you send us the correct URL so that we are able to send chatters to the right profile.)

Pay For Twitch Chatters

Complete the payment process and enjoy your stream.

Once you are done with the process, we start working on your order the minute we receive your order and you will experience the results next time you stream on Twitch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you check chatters on Twitch?

A: You can see your current viewers and chatters by clicking on the community icon at the top of the chatbox.

Q: What does returning chatter mean on Twitch?

A: Returning chatter on Twitch refers to a chatter who has interacted with a streamer via chat twice within 30 days.

Q: Can Twitch ban chatters?

A: Banning a chatter on a chat depends on the broadcaster himself. If someone violates a streamer’s terms and conditions, they have all the right to ban them from their broadcast.


Our goal is to help our clients achieve their dreams swiftly by providing them with real Twitch chatters. We do not promote people buying Twitch chatbots to uplift Twitch channels as it is against Twitch’s terms and conditions.

We cater to fulfill the diverse needs of our clients by providing them with different types of chatters (generic or custom chatters). Buy Twitch chatters from us and we promise to not you leaving disappointed.