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Buy Kick Viewers on your live stream and boost your organic growth with our affordable and fastest service in the market.



10 Live Viewers for Unlimited Stream Hours



25 Live Viewers for Unlimited Stream Hours



50 Live Viewers for Unlimited Stream Hours

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Buy Monthly Kick Viewers

We at GrowthMount encourage streamers to purchase a monthly Kick viewer plan from us because it gradually increases the reach on the platform for a month without any extra effort.



10 Live Viewers for 30 Days (Unlimited Stream Hours)



25 Live Viewers for 30 Days (Unlimited Stream Hours)



50 Live Viewers for 30 Days (Unlimited Stream Hours)

Pro 1


100 Live Viewers for 30 Days (Unlimited Stream Hours)



300 Live Viewers for 30 Days (Unlimited Stream Hours)



500 Live Viewers for 30 Days (Unlimited Stream Hours)



1000 Live Viewers for 30 Days (Unlimited Stream Hours)

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Kick has always come up with user-friendly policies that have helped them grab a good audience in a short time. This strategic approach has improved their visibility in the online streaming culture. Their policies motivate new streamers to start on their platform by providing them with good chances of generating good revenue through online streaming culture. 

This emerging phase of Kick is a golden chance for new streamers to build their audience on this platform, and that is why; we’re here to help you buy Kick viewers; how does this all work? Don’t worry; we’ll explain it all.

Buy Kick Live Viewers to Improve Your Channel’s Standing

You’ve just started your streaming journey on Kick, but you’re not sure how to effectively increase your growth on the platform; to understand this, you must know that you’ll likely have more chances to gain organic viewers on your Kick account once you start having a few numbers of viewers on your daily streams. But they’re hard to get, right? We know it becomes challenging when you’ve just started it.

That is why we’re here; we offer real Kick viewers that improve your presence on the platform, which is gonna automatically lead you to attract a more organic audience to your channel.

But always remember; don’t take this as a shortcut because there’s no shortcut to success. Create high-quality content for your audience, and you’ll get the results sooner or later. We’re just here to let you play smart with your kick-start on the platform.

Buy Kick Viewers

Does Kick Allow Buying Viewers?

Kick’s policies are pretty much the same as Twitch’s regarding buying services. Kick does not promote its users to buy fake viewers, and that is why we’re here; we at GrowthMount offer genuine Kick viewers who pose no risk to your account in any way.

Many service providers on the internet claim to deliver authentic Kick viewers services, but how do you trust one?

Well, it’s really a tricky one as most of these platforms are tricking people by selling them fake bot viewers, which imposes a risk of a ban on their channel, and we do not promote such acts.

Therefore, we aim to provide our customers with legit Kick viewers that are not generated by bots. How do you trust us? Go ask some of your friends who might have purchased our services. Lastly, our customer reviews vouch for what we provide.

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How Does Your Channel Grow When You Buy Kick Viewers from GrowthMount?

When you purchase Kick viewers from us, we improve your channel’s standings on the platform by giving you consistent real Kick viewers; How does this whole scenario work?

With our legitimate kick viewers, the platform starts boosting your channel by seeing consistent growth on your channel. The algorithm begins showing your live broadcasts to other users who consume the same content as yours.

This process helps you develop a greater audience quickly as more people start seeing you on their suggested list, and they eventually come to your stream.

Purchase Kick Viewers on Live Stream

Why You Should Buy Kick Viewers From GrowthMount

GrowthMount is the best place to buy Kick viewers at market-competitive prices. Our customer support desk is active around the clock, you can always drop us your queries, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Below are the few exclusive perks that you receive when you purchase Kick Viewers from us

  • GrowthMount offers guaranteed results with their services; we claim a 100% money-back guarantee if we fail to deliver your order on time.
  • Our customer support desk is available 24/7 to answer all your queries related to our services.
  • We don’t require your credentials and any private information to provide you with results; just complete the buying process and drop your Kick profile, and we’ll get your order delivered.
  • We offer 100% authentic and real Kick viewers with automatic refills and instant delivery.

Many of you new Kick content creators are concerned regarding safety purposes. We often get this query; if our services can get you banned on Kick.

As told earlier, account suspension or any other ban is only imposed if you use viewers generated through fake bots, and that is not the case here.

We at GrowthMount provide real viewers who watch and interact with your stream, and that is the sole reason why some of the viewers drop out after some time because their interests do not match with your niche. In such cases, we provide automatic refills, which results in achieving consistent viewership on Kick.

If you’re a small Kick streamer who has just started, then here’s the exclusive deal; reach out to us, and our Kick analytics team will not only provide you with the best strategy and planning to help you grow on the platform but they’ll also create a customized package that would massively increase your reach on Kick.

How to Buy Kick Viewers

Ordering Kick viewers from GrowthMount is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Kick Profile Stats

Select a Package

Go through the list of packages to choose the one suitable for your Kick live stream.

Fill In Your Details

Provide us the URL of your profile so we can process your order, please make sure you send us the correct URL.

Pay For Kick Viewers

Pay through the secure payment system and enjoy the stream.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it legal to buy Kick viewers?

A: Yes, buying kick viewers is legal as long as they are real viewers directed from the right source. If those views are being generated with bots, then you might end up getting your channel suspended.

Q: What happens when you buy Kick viewers?

A: The consistent growth on your Kick channel sparks up your channel’s standing on the platform, which results in attracting more organic viewers to your channel.


Whether you are an avid gamer or a passionate content creator; we aim to deliver our audience the best and guaranteed results.

Our customer satisfaction and reviews vouch for what we can do for your Kick channel.

Contact us now to buy real Kick viewers to increase your visibility on the platform!