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New to the streaming platform of Trovo? Want to get more viewers for your channel as quickly as possible? You’re in luck because GrowthMount is the best site to buy Trovo viewers at a market-competitive price.

Get high-quality and 100% real live stream viewers from GrowthMount to make your streams and videos go viral and increase engagement for your channel. For those of you who are interested, we’re breaking down the entire process in the post down below.

Why Do You Need to Buy Trovo Viewers?

The purpose of buying Trovo Live viewers is to ultimately increase the reach of your streams and attract organic viewers to stick to your streams. The only way that is possible is if your streams start ranking higher on the platform.

These Trovo live viewers basically decide the ranking and popularity of your stream. As soon as the platform detects that you have more live viewers than the other current streams running on the platform, it’ll automatically bump you up in rank. Now, the higher your ranking, the higher the chance that more people stumble onto your channel and stay to become loyal, organic viewers.

It’s also very important that you don’t mistake live viewers for the total number of views on your channel. That’s because even though getting views is important, it’s ultimately live viewers that compel users to join your stream. As it’s proof that your content is entertaining.

Buy Trovo Viewers

All in all, you must buy Trovo viewers as it gives your channel an amazing boost to kickstart your streaming career on the platform. Think about it: It’ll save you from the grind of having to grab a small number of viewers every day and put in countless hours in growing your viewer count.

Benefits of Buying Trovo Viewers

Buy Trovo Viewers on your live stream and get the maximum benefits.

Grow Faster on Trovo

As we’ve mentioned before, acquiring paid Trovo live viewers will help you grow faster on the channel. These paid-for-love viewers will add to the viewer count on your streams, engaging organic users to shift to your stream due to the number of viewers you’re attracting.

This higher viewer count will also be noticed by the Trovo algorithm which will rank you higher among streamers and make you visible to a whole new audience.

It’s like a loop you’ll follow a number of times until you eventually become the top-ranked streamer on Trovo.

Faster Growth on Trovo
Boost Trovo Earning

Boost Your Trovo Earnings

The basic premise of becoming a video game streamer is to use your passion for playing games to earn for yourself. Well, Trovo understands this as well and offers very handsome payment packages that entice new streamers into joining the platform.

However, the initial grind can be tough and your streams might not get monetized until very late in your career. That’s because you need to buy Trovo viewers to reach a specific threshold in watch hours before you start earning from your streams.

Luckily for you, our Trovo paid live viewers will help you get a headstart on the competition and help you reach those target watch hours much quicker. What’s more is that buying Trovo live viewers will help you get monetized much faster as well as gain even more organic followers for your streams that help you increase your reach and grow faster.

In fact, we even guarantee that it’ll help you reach your goal of Trovo 500 faster.

Attract Paid Promotions

Trovo has recently come up with the Trovo Creators Partnership Program which allows you to earn money before you reach the Trovo 500 milestone through paid promotions and paid subscriptions, just like Twitch.

If you’re already an established streamer, it’s highly likely that you attract businesses and brands that would like to benefit from your reach by running paid promotions through you.

Thus, it becomes another incentive for you to buy Trovo viewers from us, as they could result in you growing your audience to the point that you start getting offers to do paid promotions.

Paid promotions can make you plenty of money, with you only having to put in a few seconds of effort to promote the product or service of a company.

Get Paid Promotion on Trovo
Enhance Your Credibility with Trovo Live Viewers

Enhance Your Credibility

We’re all too busy to go to each stream individually to check their content and see if it’s up to their standards. Thus, we only trust the old and known streamers.

Buying Trovo viewers can do that for you as well. As if you already have good social proof on the platform. It will help you gain an audience organically.

Boost Engagement of Your Channel

Yes, it’s true that when you buy Trovo viewers on a single stream, it gets restricted to a single broadcast, but they still have the potential to boost the engagement of your entire channel.

For instance, imagine that you buy Trovo viewers for a specific stream on your channel. As it turns out, that particular stream of yours does very well and ends up attracting an even greater organic audience that’s now become a fan of your content. After your stream is over, these fans will obviously look for more of your content, which is when they’ll be directed to the other VODs on your channel.

Hence, in addition to your streams becoming more popular, the other content on your channel including our clips and videos will also get more engagement.

Boost Engagement of Your Trovo Live Stream Channel

Why Should You Buy Trovo Viewers From GrowthMount?

Instant Delivery

Any live views that you purchase from us will be delivered to your Trovo stream immediately. You’ll start seeing viewers increase on your stream as soon as your payment is verified.

Refund Guarantee

At GrowthMount, we promise a full refund if the services we offer are not delivered in the allotted time. Our primary focus as a business is to satisfy our customers and we do that with instant delivery as soon as your payment is complete. If we fall short of that, you deserve to get your money back. For more information, please read our refund policy.

No Password Required

We do not ask any of our customers for their account passwords or any account information that they may feel hesitant to share. All we require is the username and URL of your Trovo stream in order to deliver your live viewers.

100% Real Trovo Viewers

All the live Trovo viewers we offer are 100% real accounts. They’re not generated by any fake means hence our services are completely safe and secure.

24/7 Live Customer Support

We take immense pride in our highly knowledgeable customer support staff that’s available 24/7 to assist you with your every need. Additionally, our teams assist you throughout the process of buying Trovo viewers to ensure your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Trovo viewers for a 2-hour stream?

Yes, Trovo live stream viewers that’ll stay on your stream for 2 hours are available. Once we supply your stream with these viewers, they will stay for the full 2 hours. If they don’t then you can ask for a free refill from us and we will provide it.

Is purchasing Trovo live viewers worth it?

Yes, we here at GrowthMount know the importance of supplementing your stream’s viewer count with purchased Trovo live viewers. As it inevitably results in a boost to the popularity and ranking of your stream. Which in turn, results in your gaining a plethora of organic viewers that are there to stay.

How soon are Trovo live viewers delivered to the stream?

Provided you’re buying from a reliable and trusted Trovo service agency like GrowthMount, these purchased viewers should be instantly delivered to your stream. Keep in mind though that your payment will have to be verified first.

Is it safe to buy Trovo viewers?

Yes, it is safe to buy Trovo live viewers, provided you’re buying from a reliable agency like GrowthMount. We here provide 100% authentic Trovo live organic users.

Can I buy real Trovo live viewers?

Yes, all of the viewers we here at GrowthMount offer are completely real, with all of them being backed by fully real profiles. In short, these viewers will not be detected as spam by Trovo.

Can I buy Trovo viewers for one hour?

Yes, you can buy Trovo live viewers for one hour. These viewers will be delivered to your stream instantly and will stay there for one full hour. If they do not then you have the right to ask us for a refund or ask for a free refill.


Buying Trovo viewers is your best bet to increase engagement on both your streams and channel. These live viewers are 100% real and will stay on your stream for the exact length of time you’ve bought them for.

Their basic purpose is to increase your outreach on Twitch by having your content exposed to a broader range of audience.

This will inevitably lead to your streams growing in the rankings, which will ultimately increase the engagement on your streams even further. And round and round it will go in a cycle until you become the top streamer on Trovo.