Twitch has quickly become the go-to platform for gamers and content creators, and viewers seeking entertainment or learning experiences from their favorite streamers. Amidst this bustling online world lies an often overlooked yet essential aspect of Twitch: lurking.

Twitch Lurking

Lurking is a term that refers to users who are just jumping to different streams at a time without participating or interacting with streamers. Their silent viewership does not harm anyone but benefits the streamers.

In this article, we’ll delve into the hidden perks of lurking on Twitch, discuss etiquette for both lurkers and streamers alike, and explore how lurking shapes our streaming experiences together as a community.

How Lurking Benefits the Streamers?

When any user lurks on a stream, they just hide the chat and might not interact with the streamer but their presence counts and increases the viewer count of the stream. Hence, they directly support the streamers by helping the channel to grow.

How Lurking Benefits the Streamers

More viewership is a direct source of motivation for the streamers. Hence, lurkers are a big source of motivation for many of the streamers out there. Their presence boosts the channel visibility of the streamers and helps them pull out more viewership.

How Lurking Benefits the Viewers?

There are many people out there who do not want to be known or they carry a fear of being judged on the basis of the content they consume. Lurking on Twitch benefits such users who wish to keep their identity private while watching others’ streams.

How Lurking Benefits the Viewers

Many people use lurking to learn and adapt new skills through different streamers. You can always watch a pro playing competitive games and learn and adapt from their skills without telling to anyone. Try staying this lowkey next time before you claim anything big to your friends to avoid embarrassment.

What Should You Consider While Lurking?

It is understandable that you wish to stay low-key but that does not mean you can breach any rule of the stream. You should always follow all the rules while lurking on Twitch. Avoid stalking anyone anonymously. It does not matter whether Twitch streamers can see who is watching or not it’s everyone’s responsible viewer and respect rules and others’ privacy.

If you are a streamer then you should always appreciate lurkers because they are super valuable to you. Respect their decision to not reveal their identity. Never ever pressurize them to reveal themselves and interact with others. It is everyone’s personal choice in the end.

Do People Enjoy Lurking?

The answer is very subjective to everyone’s personal choice. Some people watch with the mindset of not giving any damn, they just watch streams to have a good time just like people watch podcasts or films. They do not care to interact with others, they just consume the content they like.

Some people do this on purpose, they just want not to reveal their identity and stay low-key on others’ streams.

Do People Enjoy Lurking

Many streamers link the command “!lurk” with their chatbots to make lurking a little fun. People join the chats and just type lurk and the bot puts up a fun message like “(Name) is hiding under the blanket*. These fun prompts are used to make lurking fun.

Whether you are lurking because of social shyness or you’re just casually watching a stream. It is all acceptable and fun, according to your own choices. The only thing that matters is not harming anyone else on the internet.

How Lurking Culture Helps Building Communities

Lurking through different streamers always helps them improve and create bigger communities. When you lurk through small streamers on Twitch, it boosts their viewership as well as their channel visibility which automatically brings more viewers to the stream that helps the streamers in the long run.

How Lurking Culture Helps Building Communities

There are no conditions implemented on lurkers, be it for any reason — social anxiety or their own choice. They are always welcomed in the communities. No one asks them to interact or leave. Hence, this culture appreciates other lurkers to just join in and have a good time according to their choices and moods.

How to Make Lurk Command on Twitch?

There are many chatbots available online such as Nightbot, and Streamlabs bot. Just go to the bots settings or the website of your bot to make a lurk command. Once you have opened it follow the steps below.

  • Go to your bot settings and activate it.
  • Go to the commands section and click on the “Add Commands” section.
  • You will be given a form. Fill it up with the relevant information. We have added it below for your convenience.
    Command: !lurk
    Message: ${user} is now lurking! Enjoy your time away and we’ll see you soon! 💜
    Userlevel: Everyone
    Cooldown: Set this according to your preference (e.g., 30 seconds).
  • Once done, click on Submit.

After submitting this, you will be good to go. This command will activate automatically and every time a user types this command in your chat, they will get a personalized message.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is lurking bad on Twitch?

No. As long as you are not breaking any stream rules. There is nothing wrong with lurking on Twitch.

Do lurkers count as viewers on Twitch?

Yes, just like any other viewer. A lurker is counted among the viewers present on the stream.

Does lurking on Twitch help streamers?

Yes. Lurkers are a source of passive support to streamers. They boost the viewership of the stream which helps bring more viewers to the stream.

Can Twitch streamers see who is lurking?

A streamer can not directly see the name of any lurker. If they are not logged in then they can not at all. However, they can see when lurkers follow them or someone decides to drop a message on the chatbox. That’s how the streamers can identify the lurkers.


In a nutshell, lurking is a big factor having a great impact on creating communities on Twitch. Not only just the communities but also plays a big role in shaping the dynamic landscape of Twitch. Lurkers are the passive support to any streamer and they help them achieve their goals in the long run.

By understanding and embracing each other’s preferences – from the chatty extroverts to the quiet lurkers – we can build more inclusive communities where everyone feels welcome, valued, and connected. After all, it is these unique experiences and connections that make Twitch such a special place for people worldwide.

So let’s celebrate our differences as viewers and streamers alike! By acknowledging every member’s contribution within our online spaces – be they active or passive participants – together, we will continue creating unforgettable experiences within the realm of Twitch and beyond.