How to do a Subathon on Twitch?

A subathon is a practice on the digital landscape of Twitch where people stream for extended periods of time and their stream time increases every time people donate, gift, or subscribe to their channel. The streamers initially set a limit to the timeframe according to their own choice, for example; 30 days. Their stream time would keep increasing every time someone financially supports them. 

How to do a Subathon on Twitch

Twitch streamers host a subathon to get a massive increment of followers and engagement on their streams and viewers find fun torturing their favorite streamers by donating them and extending their stream times.

The streamers also add fun events and giveaways and other incentives for their viewers as well to make the subathon attractive for their viewers too.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Twitch Subathon, including how to do a Subathon on Twitch successfully. So, let’s not wait anymore and dive straight into it!

Things You Require to Host a Subathon on Twitch

Subathon Timer Tool

A subathon timer tool helps you set up the minimum and maximum timings for your subathon according to your choice and let every sub increase a certain amount of time to your stream. It is completely up to you whether you want to add 60 seconds on every sub or 10 minutes. It’s your choice. We recommend you use Streamloot timer for your next subathon because its user-friendly interface is super easy to set up with your Twitch stream.

Keep an eye on Sub’s Milestones and Donations

To make your subathon more fun, there are many activities you can do with your subs milestone as stated below in the subathon ideas. So, a must requirement for a successful subathon is to keep a check on the subs milestone so that you don’t miss out on it.

Another important thing you must keep an eye on is the revenue you are generating from your Twitch subathon. You can use the “Tiltify Fundraising” extension to keep an eye on your revenue goal for the decided period of time.

Make the Content Ready/Games Installed in Advance

Make the Content Ready

Make sure that you have all the games installed on your computer already before you start a subathon because no one likes to wait for you to download and then play something on a request or a punishment.

How to do a Subathon on Twitch

You must draw and outline and work on it before you conduct a marathon. You must have tons of fun ideas to keep your viewers engaged with your subathon. Ask your friends or hire a few numbers of mods to assist you throughout your subathon.

How to do a Subathon on Twitch

From the subathon ideas to how to conduct a subathon, we have added everything to this guide. Continue reading to find out!

Create an Outline in Advance for your Subathon

The first and foremost thing you need to do is draw an outline for your subathon considering the genre of your content and look out for the interests of your audience. Consider your current standing on Twitch and then set achievable goals for your subathon. Plan incentives, gifts, and giveaways for your viewers. Plan out fun activities for your viewers every time you hit a small goal of followers or subs.

Choosing the Right Date and Time

Choosing the right dates and times for your subathon matters a lot. For instance, during winter break, people are free from work and college and they have a lot of free time to relax and have fun. You’d most likely get better results if you’re hosting a subathon during the holidays depending upon the age group of your viewers. 

Create a Hype for Your Subathon

Interacting with your followers on social media platforms is a great way to develop better connections with your audience. If you are planning to do a subathon in the coming time, you must promote it through your social media accounts to create hype for it. You must ask your followers as well as your friend streamers who share the same genre to spread the word on the internet. This will help notify more and more people about your subathon. You can always add a spark by announcing different prizes and giveaways upfront to make people look forward to your subathon on Twitch.

Choose the Stream Format According to your Brand

You must plan the stream format for your subathon in advance whether you’d spend most of the time chatting and doing fun activities for your viewers you will stream different first-person shooters or you will go out doing your daily work with a camera in your hand. You must plan this upfront for better execution during your subathon.

Rules and Regulations

It is very important to set up rules and regulations for your subathon. Announce the terms & conditions to your viewers about rewards and games upfront to avoid inconveniences during the subathon. Make sure you have active mods during the activities to ensure everyone’s safety on your stream. 

Sub Goals for your Subathon

Adding sub-goals for every time you hit a sub milestone. For example, playing some particular game for an hour when you hit the first 10 subs on your Subathon. It is just a fun activity where your Twitch viewers ask you to do weird stuff for their entertainment in return for their subs.

Subathon Ideas

Giveaways and Gifts

To keep your audience engaged with your subathon, a great way is to do random giveaways every time you achieve a milestone of subs or followers. The gifts could be of your choice but easy and convenient gifts include gift cards for services related to your genre and emotes on your stream. 

This practice makes your viewers stick to your stream hoping that they would win the giveaway next time you hit a goal. It also encourages people to invite their friends to your subathon to help you reach your goals faster so they could win more and more giveaways.



People enjoy watching their favorite streams all dolled up in their favorite character’s costumes. You can make your viewers vote for the character they would like to see you cosplaying and you can cosplay that character for your viewers. This Subathon idea is best for small streamers to attract more viewers.

Fundraiser and Charity Subathon

You can always collaborate with an orphanage organization, a hospital, or any charitable cause and do and include it as a session in your subathon or do a subathon completely for such purpose which is completely your choice.

This practice would encourage others to donate to you and subscribe to you for a good cause and it will also help you feel good helping a deserving organization.

Weird Food Combinations

Another subathon idea is to eat spicy and weird food combinations all mixed up together to make it enjoyable for your viewers once you hit a milestone. It is fun gulping up spicy ramen noodles in five seconds for a good number of subs and followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the free subathon timer on Twitch?

A: Subathon timer on Twitch is a basic requirement for hosting a Twitch subathon as it automatically increases the timer of your subathon every time people interact with your stream. A subathon timer tool on Twitch shows all the analytics on your screen allowing your users to see the maximum timings of your subathon. There are many free tools available on the internet, we recommend you to use Streamloots’ free subathon timer tool.

Q: What’s the longest subathon on Twitch?

A: Emilycc has done the longest subathon on Twitch so far. She has been live for around 600 days and the subathon is still going on.


Subathon is a lot more than giving away prizes and generating revenue. It is another way to connect with enthusiasts from different parts of the globe who are passionate about your content. During the event, it’s important to remember that every subscriber and donation represents real people who are supporting you because they believe in what you do! So, make sure you never hurt any single human being through your content, and try making the bonds even stronger than before.

When planning your subathon, think about the excitement you feel when watching someone else stream one of your favorite games or talking passionately about something you’re interested in. Consider what would make you want to tune into their subathon for hours.

We hope that this guide on how to do a Subathon on Twitch helped you with all your queries related to it and motivated you to host a subathon on your channel very soon. We hope you have a fun time streaming!