Twitch policies do not state anywhere that Twitch mods get paid. Most people serve as a mod just to show their loyalty and love for their favourite content creator. However, there are some really famous Twitch streamers having millions of followers. They do require someone to handle their streams in a professional manner. For that, they hire some mods and pay them accordingly.

Do Twitch Mods Get Paid

Usually, Twitch mods get a lot of different favours from their favourite content creators other than salaries such as access to their merchandise or get access to receive tips from viewers and other gifts/items from viewers and streamers.

Streamers reward their mods just to reciprocate their hard work and efforts. In this guide, we shall be taking a deeper look into why people choose to serve as a mod and do they get anything out of it. So, without any further wait. Let’s dive into it.

What Does A Twitch Moderator Do?

The central concept behind a Twitch moderator is to manage the chats and make them a clean and safe space for everyone to relax. A Twitch moderator has a green badge along with their name which represents that they have been put as a chat moderator by the streamer.

What Does A Twitch Moderator Do

A Twitch mod does not only make sure that everyone follows the rules set by the streamer but also follows the terms and conditions set by Twitch. This includes the posting of explicit content, insult and bullying, spamming, and anything that causes damage to the stream or the platform.

The Twitch mods work as the protector of the stream to make sure the channel does not get banned if someone tries to violate the Twitch rules. So now you understand the concept of a Twitch mod/admin, here is how you can make someone a mod on Twitch.

Why People Choose to Become Twitch Mods?

There are a couple of reasons that inspire people to become Twitch mods such as their passion and involvement in the community. Below are the few main reasons that intrigue people to come out as a mod.

Why People Choose to Become Twitch Mods

Love for the Streamer and Their Content

The foremost reason is the love for their streamers which comes out in the form of support by being a moderator for their streamer. Just like everyone else, Twitch mods are also random viewers but their liking and involvement in the community lead them to become a moderator

Enhancing Their Controlling and Leading Skills

Making everyone listen and accept whatever you are trying to communicate is a skill in itself. People are born with such skills and opportunities like becoming a Twitch mod and handling a whole community gives them a sense of responsibility which help them shape their leadership skills.

Better Networking and Involvement in the Community

Networking with broader and like-minded people never goes wasted. People choose to develop a connection with other like-minded people in the community and with their favorite streamers; being their chat moderator is a go-to source for better networking.

Do Twitch Moderators Get Paid?

There is no compulsion in getting paid as a moderator. Most of the mods out there do not get paid for doing their job. They are just doing it because they enjoy it and it helps them enhance their skills and develop better connections in the community. Such moderators are called Voluntary Moderators.

However, this is not the case with every moderator. Some famous Twitch streamers choose to pay their moderators according to their personal agreements with the moderators. Such mods are called Paid Moderators. They are basically doing their job as any other job exists. They are strictly advised to follow all the job guidelines provided by the streamer because their negligence could cause harm to the channel.

Do Twitch Moderators Get Paid

Be it voluntary mods or paid mods, they all do get some perks like getting gifts and donations/tips from streamers and viewers depending on the growth and revenue generated from the channel. All of these factors vary from channel to channel e.g. if the channel is comparatively newer and has a little number of followers then their perks wouldn’t be as good as someone handling a famous Twitch channel.

Is Twitch Sub and Twitch Mod Related to Each Other?

Being a Twitch mod and having a Twitch sub are completely different things. A Twitch mod handles the Streams chat and makes sure that everyone feels safe there. However, Twitch sub gives you extra perks like having premium emotes, access to exclusive chats, and an ad-free viewing experience.

Is Twitch Sub and Twitch Mod Related to Each Other

Many people have this misconception that they require a Twitch sub in order to become a Twitch moderator. This is not true, a streamer can choose anyone to become a chat mod regardless of the Twitch sub but most of the Twitch mods do have a subscription to the channel as well because they dedicate their time and efforts to the stream. Many of the channel owners gift Twitch subs as a gift to appreciate their dedication towards them.

Pros and Cons of Twitch Mods


  • Maintaining a healthy environment: Twitch mods promote a friendly and healthy environment for every viewer. They focus on resolving disputes among Twitch viewers. Help them with their questions and focus on developing a better and more mature community.
  •  Allow streamers to focus on their content: Twitch mods allow streamers not to worry about the chats and audience comments as they guide them with their problems. (However, we advise all the streamers to take out time for their viewers and respond to them to develop a better connection). This constant support of mods allow them to completely focus on their gameplay and provide the viewers with the best.


  • Misuse of power: If your mod selection has not been right enough, you might find out your mods abusing their powers by developing personal conflicts with your viewers and giving them bans on chat, etc.
  • Over-reliance on volunteer mods: If you are not paying your mods, you must need to check whether your mods are active on chat or not because they are not bound to stay all the time you stream. Their negligence could cause harm to your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Pokimane pay her mods?

The day-to-day tasks of Pokimane’s stream are done voluntarily. However, Pokimane does reward her mods once in a while as a token of appreciation.

Does Ludwig pay his mods?

Yes, Ludwig pays his mods. Recently, he did a 31-day long subathon where he had a team of 17 moderators. He paid them a total of $170000 for the job.

What is a Twitch moderator’s salary?

The answer to this question is completely subjective to different streamers. Most of the mods make no money out of it but some pay around $50 per stream on average.

Does xQc pay his mods?

According to the internet, it has not been revealed yet, the sources say that no, xQc does not pay his mods.

Does Ninja pay his mods?

According to the sources, Ninja pays $50 per stream to his mods. However, Ninja never claimed this himself.

Who are the highest-paid Twitch mods?

We do not have any name yet but Ludwig recently paid $5000 to one of his mods.


In conclusion, the value provided by dedicated moderators cannot be overstated as they contribute immensely towards creating enjoyable experiences for both viewers and content creators. Twitch moderators play an essential role in maintaining a positive and engaging environment on the platform. While they typically do not receive direct monetary compensation from Twitch or streamers, their dedication to fostering a supportive community is often rewarded through recognition, perks, or alternative forms of support. We hope this guide solved all your queries related to if Twitch mods get paid and if it is really worth doing the effort.