The best part about online gaming and streaming culture is interaction with fellow gamers who share the same interest as you. You can connect with like-minded individuals and make your multiplayer games more fun.

How to Add Friends on Twitch

The fundamental aspect of socializing on the platform revolves around how to add friends on Twitch friends and knowing how to communicate with them privately through messaging, allowing for more personalized interactions within the platform.

In this guide, we shall show you each and every step with screenshots to help you take your social life a step up. So, without any further ado. Let’s dig into it.

How to Add Friends on Twitch

Follow these easy steps given below to add a friend on Twitch.

How to Add Friends on Twitch
  • Click on the direct message icon located at the left side of the chatbox.
  • Search for the profile name you wish to add. Once you find it. Click on it.
  • A whisper box will appear. Go to it and click on the settings icon.
  • You will find a “Add Friend” option. Click on it to send a friend request.

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How to Add Friend Somone from Twitch Chat

You must have been through a situation where you encountered an interesting individual to interact with in a streamers chatbox and you had the urge to add them to your profile to build up a long-term connection with them but did not know how to add them directly then worry not we have got your back. Follow the steps below to add someone to your friend list directly from the chat.

How to Add Friend Somone from Twitch Chat
  • Click the name of the user in the chat.
  • A box will appear, giving you multiple options.
  • Click on “Add Friend”


Last year on May 25, Twitch removed their friends feature for everyone. They addressed they witnessed more of follower to follower interactions on the platform and they decided to promote that by allowing users to whisper on Twitch.

Therefore, you cannot add anyone to your friends list on Twitch anymore. If you want to follow Twitch account activities and their streams. You can simply go to that channel and follow them up for further updates.

How to Follow on Twitch

Follow the steps below to follow any channel on Twitch

How to Follow on Twitch
  • Search for the username you’d like to follow
  • Click on their profile name
  • Once their channel opens, click on the follow button at the right side of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you add friends on Twitch?

No, Twitch has removed their friends feature from the platform back in 2022. You can no longer add anyone. But that has not changed anything, you can still directly whisper to anyone and follow their channel for future updates.

What is the difference between a follower and a friend on Twitch?

When you add someone to your friend list, it means that you have automatically followed them and they have followed you. However, if someone follows you, they will be able to see your activities while you won’t see theirs unless you follow them back too.


Adding friends on Twitch is a vital aspect because the platform is all about interactions with different games around the globe. You can always find like-minded gamers are make up a team with them and improve at competitive games with better coordination.

In this guide, we have provided you with every step you’d require to socialize with other users on Twitch via adding, whispering, and following them. We hope this all helped you find good friends. Happy gaming!