Twitch is a world-renowned video streaming service offering videos centered around gaming, music, and creative content. Bits are the virtual currency that Twitch viewers use to offer streamers a tip in the form of their appreciation. This article takes you through how much 1000 bits on Twitch is so that you can understand how much you could possibly earn in the form of tips from your users.

What are bits?

Bits are a form of virtual currency specific to tipping the streamers at Twitch. These are used by twitch users to cheer their favorite creators during live streams. A cheer is a message in the live chat which is used to encourage and support the streamer and has a monetary significance. 

Advantages of donating bits

Although twitch has a wide range of sources through which users can support the streamer financially, donating bits has its own charm. Bits help you catch the spotlight in the chat and let the creators know that you admire their work. Bit cheers also come with customized bit gem emotes which appear in chat every time you donate Bits during a live stream.

Advantages of donating bits

Bits can be donated either one by one or hundreds or thousands of them together. However, most of the streamers have set a minimum limit of bits on their channel that can be donated at a time. For instance, some might set this limit as 100 bits while others may opt for a higher value.

There are different bit gem emotes for different levels of bit donations, the higher ones being more animated and eye-catching. Bit emotes stay in the chat for as long as that chat exists. If you donate Bits at a channel frequently, you can earn the top cheerers badge of that channel. It will also give you a chance to get a shout-out from the streamer during a live stream. 

Some streamers have enabled the leaderboards on their channel to show the list of top donors. You can make it to that list by tipping recurrently.

Customized Cheermotes 

If you do not like the classic bit gem emotes then Twitch offers you several other options as well. 

You can choose Twitch Cheermotes which are actually animated versions of trending emotes all around the world. These include popular memes and pop culture references. These will make sure you stand out in chat while cheering for your favorite content creator.

Customized Cheermotes

The other option is Custom Partner Cheermotes which are a form of custom emotes that a creator can add to their channel to flaunt their brand and popularity. Twitch only allows its partner streamers to create a collection of these customized Cheermotes and thousands of streamers have enabled it on their channels. 

A user can customize the emote and message linked with a cheer by clicking on the bit icon on the bottom right of the chat.

How much are twitch bits worth?

When you tip a streamer 100 bits, he gets approximately 1 dollar. When you tip 1000 bits, the streamer gets 10 dollars. Hence, 1 bit on Twitch is precisely equal to 1 cent. That is why most streamers have set a minimum limit of at least 100 bits on their channel. Working by the same scale, 10,000 bits are equal to 100 US dollars.

How to buy twitch bits?

100 Twitch bits might be worth $1.00 for a streamer, but for users, it is a little more expensive than that to buy them. Buying 100 Bits costs $1.40 to a consumer. Similarly buying 500 bits costs $7.00. That extra $0.40 for every 100 bits is kept by Twitch as their profit. 

The good news, however, is that users can get an adequate discount on buying a substantial number of twitch bits at once which ranges from a 5% discount on purchasing 1500 bits to a 12% discount on purchasing 25,000 bits simultaneously. 

How to buy twitch bits

You can buy Twitch bits via Amazon prime or your PayPal account, and Twitch is promising to bring more methods of purchasing it soon. The exact amount of money you’d need for the purchase depends upon the exchange rates of your currency but it is better to make a big purchase at once to ensure you get the right discount. 

Be content that there is no expiry date for your twitch bits so once you buy them, they will last forever unless you spend them. The maximum number of bits you can buy at once is 2,50,000 so don’t worry about going big while purchasing them.

How to cheer on Twitch?

If you have come this far reading this article and now you are wondering how to actually tip the bits to your favorite streamer on the Twitch app then don’t worry because I have answers to all your questions. 

How to cheer on Twitch

The procedure of cheering for streamers is really simple. You just have to go to the chat of the live stream and type Cheer followed by the number of bits you want to tip. For example, if you want to tip 500 bits just type “Cheer500” in chat and click send. If you want to choose between bit gem emotes, Cheermotes, and custom partner Cheermotes you can click on the Bit icon at the bottom of the screen and select your desired emote and message to be sent with the cheer.


How long does it take before Twitch Bits expire?

There is no expiration of Twitch bits once they are bought. They can effectively last forever if you don’t use them to tip the streamers.

Do streamers get money from bits?

Yes, streamers do get money from the bits apart from a general appreciation of their work. However, streamers don’t get all of it because Twitch keeps their slice of the pie out of it. Purchasing 100 bits through Amazon costs $1.40 but streamers only get $1.00, the rest of it goes to Twitch.


There are several different ways for a user to support their favorite streamer monetarily including subscribing to their channel and giving donations, but bits are the most popular way of appreciating streamers on Twitch because of the cool animated emotes that come with them. 10,000 Bits on twitch are worth 100 US Dollars but it costs a user 126$ to buy it through Amazon because Twitch keeps their cut out of it. Twitch bits can be bought easily via Amazon or PayPal accounts.