How Much Does a Small Twitch Streamer Make a Month?

We assume that you are planning to pursue your dream to become a streamer on Twitch and looking for insights on how much potential Twitch streaming holds financially. In this guide, we will explore how much a small Twitch streamer makes a month and evaluate whether pursuing a career in streaming is financially worthwhile.

How Much Does a Small Twitch Streamer Make a Month

Furthermore, we shall delve into the factors that are directly related to your income on Twitch and guide you on how you can set realistic and achievable goals for yourself to make a living out of your Twitch career.

How Much Does a Small Twitch Streamer Make a Month

An average small Twitch streamer makes between $50 to $1500 a month. This amount completely depends upon their followers, their average viewer count, and their loyal fan base. The more they grow, the more money they make. You can organically grow your channel with our live Twitch viewer service.

Below we’ll delve into how you can start your journey on Twitch and eventually start making money out of it.

How to Start Making Money on Twitch as a Small Streamer

You do not start making money on Twitch in the blink of an eye. It is your dedication to build a strong community, make content for them and grow on the platform that eventually rewards you financially.

How to Start Making Money on Twitch as a Small Streamer

We have experienced many cases where people start streaming on Twitch with the initial goal of making money but in reality, this is not how it works.

You should be dedicated enough to not to think about money at the start and that is how you succeed. Because, if money is your priority when starting on Twitch. You might get disappointed, and eventually stop doing it.

The process of growing up on Twitch starts with getting yourself affiliated with Twitch. Below we shall discuss how you can get Twitch affiliated and how that helps you make money.

How Twitch Affiliate Helps Small Streamers Make Money

The process of getting your Twitch channel monetized starts with the Twitch affiliate program. You can check our Twitch affiliate article to get all of your queries answered related to it.

How Twitch Affiliate Helps Small Streamers Make Money

Once you get accepted into the program, you get access to several perks which includes Twitch subscriptions and bits which are the major source of revenue for the small streamers on Twitch.

In a nutshell, being part of the Affiliate program opens up opportunities for small streamers to generate income directly from their audience’s support while enjoying additional benefits like custom emotes, priority customer support, and ad revenue-sharing options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the other ways to make money as a small streamer on Twitch?

A: Small streamers on Twitch can generate money by selling their brand’s merchandise such as t-shirts, bags, trousers, mugs, and other brand-labelled items. Furthermore, small streamers can accept direct donations from their viewers as a token of appreciation. PayPal and other local payment options work best to accept direct donations from viewers.

Q: As a small content creator on Twitch, how can one get sponsorships from bands?

A: Being a small content creator, having your social media accounts active helps you a lot. You can try reaching out to brands and companies asking if they’d like to collaborate with you. If your social media presence is good enough, you might get a good deal.


In conclusion, it is important to stay dedicated to what you are doing to achieve your desired goal. Consistency plays a major role as a small content creator on Twitch. You must always aim to develop a friendly connection with your community to have their maximum support.

Furthermore, having multiple revenue sources helps you make the maximum money you could generate according to your potential such as subscriptions, bits, direct donations, and merchandise selling.

Make sure you set up realistic goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them because you can become what you can think of!