When it comes to video game live streaming and in real-life vlogging, Twitch is a name second to none. It is easily the most visited video streaming service all around the world attracting new streamers and viewers every minute. The major difference that sets Twitch apart from other streaming platforms is its interactive nature which splits the distance between the viewer and the streamer. 

Setting up a successful Twitch channel is a dream for every new streamer entering the video content arena. Currently, there are nearly 8 million active Twitch channels according to an estimate, but only a small fraction of them gain the worldwide popularity that every beginner dreams of. 

The giants of the Twitch streaming world such as Ninja, xQc, Rubius, and Shroud have garnered several million followers on Twitch alone. Nickmercs is another name that falls in that category. In this article, we will tell you all about Nickmercs, including his early life, career, and Nickmercs net worth.

Who is Nickmercs?

Nicholas Kolcheff, popularly recognized by the name Nickmercs is one of the leading video game streamers around the globe known for his very successful run as a streamer on both Twitch and YouTube. The signature video game of Nickmercs is Fortnite Battle Royale, however, he also plays Apex Legends and Call of Duty: War Zone from time to time. 

Who is Nickmercs

Nickmercs typically likes to write his name in all caps i.e. NICKMERCS which is consistent on all his channels and merchandise. Nickmercs used to be signed with the “100 Thieves” squad but since 2019 he has been in contract with FaZe Clan.

Early Life

Nick Kolcheff was born at Detroit, Michigan USA. Nick had a knack for gaming right from the beginning but his parents pressurized him to focus on his studies. He went to a community college but had to drop out as he pursued the job of the navy seal. Unfortunately, he had to give up on that as well when he left training midway because of his fear of drowning. This is when he decided to give all in on his passion of playing games. 

Early Life

His parents resisted as was expected of them but Nick went on to win MLG Anaheim and MLG Orlando Championship titles to establish himself as a strong contender in eSports competitions. He played Gear of War and Halo in his early gaming days and had a professional rivalry with Ninja, both of them growing out to be the world’s leading video game streamers later.

Streaming Career

Nick is one of the oldest streamers on Twitch who has been around for more than a decade. In 2010, Nick saw the bright future of video streaming beforehand and joined Justin Tv as a streamer. He started posting gameplay of Call of duty and Gears of War on his channel promoting these games among the online community. Justin Tv changed its name to Twitch later, but Nick’s video streaming remained a familiar sight on the platform. Even today Nickmercs hasn’t quit Twitch despite very lucrative offers from other streaming services.

In 2011, Nick decided to expand the range of his content by creating a YouTube channel only after a year of successful runs on Twitch. He named his channel NICKMERCS which is his trademark now. On YouTube, he uploaded videos of himself playing Call of Duty and Outlast. Even now he uploads new gameplay videos at YouTube every day to retain his audience.

Streaming Career

Nickmercs has partnered with many different squads over the years and that has only helped him in growing bigger and bigger. In 2018, he signed a contract with Nadeshot to join the 100 Thieves. 

Working with them, he made the world record for most kills in Fortnite which remained a record for quite some time. This is when Nickmercs’ popularity skyrocketed making him an internet sensation. He terminated his contract with 100 thieves over creative differences and other disputes in 2019 which led to a race between different gaming organizations to acquire his services. 

Soon after that, he was taken in by FaZe Clan which is a world-renowned gaming organization. Like all the big streamers on Twitch, Nickmercs also made a huge growth in his followers and earnings in the covid pandemic.

Nickmercs has formulated his very own gaming community, proudly names MFAM which comprises of his cult fan following. Nick organizes several events and giveaways for his community which is why he is a very well-liked personality.

Number of Followers of Nickmercs

There is no second opinion when it comes to the immense popularity of Nickmercs but his success in terms of numbers is just astonishing. Nickmercs currently has 6.6 Million followers on Twitch and more than 52 thousand of them have subscribed to his Twitch channel

Number of followers of Nickmercs

He is currently ranked 16th in the list of most followed Twitch streamers. He has a whopping 171.1 Million views on his live streams on Twitch. On YouTube, he has 4.2 Million subscribers and roughly 700 Million views that speak of his success in the streaming business.

Earning and Net Worth

There is no exact way to determine how much does Nick earn because he has many different sources of earning money including his Twitch subscribers, YouTube revenue, ad money, donations, and much more. However, according to a leak he made more than 5 Million Dollars in the last 2 years out of which $196,024 monthly just from Twitch. According to an estimate, Nickmercs makes a minimum of $6000 monthly in the form of YouTube revenue but the actual amount is much higher than that. 

Earning and net worth

Apart from this Nick also has partnerships with many brands such as Under Armour, SCUF, G fuel energy drink, and Cash App. Those sponsorship deals are confidential but Nick earns a big chunk of his money just from these partnerships. Nickmercs is a very skilled gamer as well. He has earned $130,000 only as the prize money of the Fortnite competitions that he won. 

According to the claims of many credible sources, Nickmercs’ net worth is somewhere between 4 to 9 Million Dollars which makes him one of the richest gaming streamers in the world.

Summing Up!

Nickmercs began his gaming career by winning Gears of War eSports contests and soon made his name as an up-and-rising streamer on Twitch and YouTube. Over the years, Nick played many different games and partnered with several gaming organizations growing stronger in the streaming industry. Currently, he is one of the best players of Fortnite on the planet and plays for FaZe Clan. His estimated net worth is somewhere between $4 to $9 Million which puts him among the richest gaming streamers.