Twitch raid is an effective practice used on Twitch that allows streamers to help their fellow streamers grow. The term raid refers to rushing another streamer’s live broadcast along with your audience to surprise them with a good number of views.

What is Twitch Raid

In this guide, we shall take a deeper look at Twitch raids, how they benefit small streamers, and whether can they cause damage to anyone. Keep reading ahead and you will find all your answers.

What is Twitch Raid?

So imagine that one of your close friends started streaming on Twitch lately. They are new to the platform and are struggling to get views on their broadcasts. In this case, you can set up a Twitch raid on your stream for your friend. You can tell your viewers and ask them to support you with the raid.

What is Twitch Raid

You can set up a raid by typing /raid (channel’s name) in your stream’s chatbox. Once you enter the raid command, a pop-up window will appear on your viewers’ display where they either join up for the raid or just leave. Once your viewers accept it, you all will be directed to your friend’s stream. Their viewer count will shoot and many of the viewers will also follow them.

Twitch raiding is a healthy practice when it is conducted to uplift fellow content creators. Below, we shall enlighten you on how to implement Twitch raid practices effectively.

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How to Raid on Twitch?

Sharing your Twitch viewers with other content creators just to see their surprising and happy reactions is a gratifying feeling in itself.

The process starts with selecting a Twitch channel to raid on. As a responsible content creator on Twitch, always choose appropriate channels that share the same genre of content as you. Choosing new channels that are striving to grow on Twitch is always a good option. Follow the instructions below to initiate a Twitch raid.

how to raid on twitch
  • Use the raid command in your chatbox along with the targeted channel name. /raid (channel name)
  • Announce the upcoming raid to prepare your viewers to accept the raid.
  • Once you are all ready along with your viewers, you can hit on “raid now”

Another way to conduct a raid is through your streamer dashboard, you won’t have to use the command this way. Follow the steps below to conduct a raid using your dashboard.

  • Open your streamer dashboard and click on “Raid Channel”
  •  Search for the channel you’d like to raid.
  • Once you confirm the channel, a pop-up at the top of the chat will track the number of viewers willing to join. After 10 seconds you will be able to start the raid when you feel like everything is ready.

What to Consider Before Conducting a Raid?

Make sure that you are hitting the channels that share the same genre of content as you so that your viewers enjoy their content and stick to their channel for a while instead of getting bored in five seconds.

What to Consider Before Conducting a Raid

You must introduce your viewers to the rules and regulations of the channel’s you’re planning to raid to avoid any inconvenience later on.

It is advised to raid on content creators who are struggling with the views rather than the ones having hundreds and thousands of followers because most likely, they would have turned off the raids because 50 of your viewers won’t affect their live broadcast having 10000 viewers already.


We hope this guide cleared your queries related to how to raid on Twitch and what are the best etiquettes to conduct a raid. In the end, it is our responsibility to uplift our fellow content creators who are trying their level best to get the recognition they deserve.

So, do not forget to gift your viewers to your fellow content creators next time you decide to turn off the broadcast to sleep!