You have been grinding hard to achieve that Twitch affiliate status, right? Congratulations on achieving that! But you’re already asking your friends whether can you lose an affiliate on Twitch. We get it, we know the efforts you put in to achieve that and you’d try your best to maintain your status on Twitch.

Twitch Affiliate Status

In this guide, we’ll shed light on whether you require to keep your channel analytics maintained to keep that affiliate status secure. Furthermore, we’ll also discuss the possible scenarios that can you lose your Twitch affiliate status. So, let’s directly jump into further details.

Can You Lose Affiliate on Twitch?

Yes, you can lose your Twitch affiliate status if you fail to meet your engagement benchmark set up by Twitch. But worry not, we know that you are dedicated enough to maintain it since you’ve achieved it already and you can always buy monthly Twitch viewers from us to improve your organic reach to maintain the affiliate status.

Below are a few possible causes that could make you lose your Twitch affiliate status. Make sure you keep them in consideration. But as you grow on the platform, your immense growth will vouch for your dedication and effort on your streaming journey on Twitch.

Can You Lose Affiliate on Twitch

In-Activity and Lack of Interest

We know that life gets busy sometimes and you have to take a break from streaming even if you do not want to. But, you must remember if you stay inactive on Twitch for extended periods, your average viewership might drop, and you may struggle to meet the required streaming hours. Lack of participation and engagement on Twitch automatically leads to the removal of the Twitch affiliate status. So, make sure that you are consistent enough to keep your community engaged to keep your affiliate status maintained.

Low Viewership and Engagement

As a Twitch Affiliate, your viewership and streaming hours are essential metrics. If your viewership declines significantly or you can’t meet the required streaming hours, you might be at risk of losing your Affiliate status. That is why It’s essential to keep coming up with improved and innovative ideas to engage with your audience regularly to maximize the engagements on your Twitch channel.

Violating Twitch Guidelines

Twitch always promotes healthy and supportive communities on the platform. Therefore, they enforce strict conditions and guidelines on the platform to maximize the safety of every individual on Twitch. Engaging in behavior that violates these guidelines, such as using hate speech, harassment, multistream on Twitch, or infringing on copyrights, can result in losing your Affiliate status and even suspension of your account.

Tricks to Improve Your Engagement on Twitch

You are a Twitch affiliate because of your audience. They are basically the heart of your Twitch channel. You must always come up with innovative ideas to boost your engagement with your audience.

Tricks to Improve Your Engagement on Twitch

Hosting events daily or weekly and encouraging discussions in chat always helps in improving your interaction with your audience.

Considering these small ideas goes a long way. If you are consistent and dedicated enough, you will never ever lose the Twitch affiliate status. Keep grinding and soon you will live your dream life.

How to Check Your Affiliate Status on Twitch

Follow the precise points below to check your Twitch Affiliate status.

How to Check Your Affiliate Status on Twitch
  • Click on your profile icon.
  • Click on Creator Dashboard
  • Under Analytics, Click on Achievements
  • You will find a “Path to Affiliate” tab.
  • That will trach your Twitch affiliate progress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long do you have to be inactive on Twitch to lose your Twitch affiliate status?

A: If you are inactive for 12 months or more. It will make you lose your Twitch affiliate status.

Q: Can multistreaming take away my Twitch affiliate status?

A: You cannot multistream on different platforms including Twitch as an affiliate at the same time. You can check our detailed guide on this by clicking here.

Q: Can you re-join Twitch affiliate as an ex-affiliate?

A: If you had dropped the Twitch affiliate status on good terms, then you can definitely achieve the Twitch status again.


Twitch status does not help you improve your standings on the platform but also allows you to generate revenue from Twitch. Therefore, having Twitch affiliate status is the most important thing any streamer should acquire to grow on the platform.

With our briefly explained points that could become the cause of your Twitch affiliate status, you can overcome those weak points and give extra attention to ensure that you never go below the benchmark set by Twitch.