Learn how to effectively showcase follower goals on your Twitch channel page, enabling viewers to track progress effortlessly and enhance engagement. On Twitch, you can now set creators or community goals for followers and subscriptions.

How to Show Follower Goals on Twitch

This means you can set targets for your viewers to show us their support more and more. You may set a quick daily goal or a big milestone for some event like Subathon. With community goals, you can customize your goals according to your needs. This way, you can get better support and keep excitement alive in your community.

Now you can easily check how many people are subscribing to or following your Twitch channel. You can also check your goal setting to get more subscribers. Just click the Subscribe button and see the details there. You can also view the progress towards that goal in the chat section if someone subscribes or gifts subscriptions. Let’s dive in further!

Difference Between a Follow and a Sub

Creators’ goals may include ” follow” “Sub” or subscription goals. These goals help the streamers to track their progress. Also, with clear goal settings, they can gain better support from audiences.

Difference Between a Follow and a Sub


A follow is a free way to support a streamer you like to watch, this also gives you the option to get a notification when he/she goes live. To grow your followers, you can buy Twitch Followers from us.


A sub, however, is a paid subscription that a viewer monthly pays to the streamer and gets cool benefits, like, custom emotes, and more streamer interactions. The following table makes it more clear:

Goal TypeDescription
FollowersGoal for attracting new followers to your channel.
New SubsGoal for acquiring new Prime, Gift, or Recurring subscriptions while a goal is active.
Total SubsGoal for accumulating the total number of subscriptions to your stream.
New Sub PointsGoal for accumulating the total number of sub-points made to your stream.
Total Sub PointsGoal for accumulating the total number of sub-points made to your stream.
BitsGoal for achieving a specific amount of Bits used on your channel.
CheerersThe goal for encouraging a specific number of Cheerers to Cheer Bits on your channel

How to Show Follower Goals on Twitch

With Twitch Studio you can easily incorporate your goals into your streams. You can set up goals with just a few clicks and start streaming to achieve your targets in no time. Also, It creates a fun environment during your streams.

How to Show Follower Goals on Twitch

Here’s how you can add a Creator Goal:

  1. Go to Twitch Studio and click “Edit Scene”.
  2. Then click the “+ Add Layer” button to add a new layer.
  3. Select the and click “Add.” and “Goal” layer.
  4. Choose between a sub-goal and a follower and click “Start Goal”.

You can position the placement and size of your goal on your stream and it will automatically be incremented in real-time. To manage your goal, select the layer and click on the ” Manage Goal” in the right column.

Using Twitch’s Built-in Follower Goal Feature

In this method, I have explained in detail how to utilize the follower goal feature directly available on the Twitch creators’ dashboard.

Methods for Adding a Follower Goal to Twitch by the Viewers
  • Creator Dashboard: First, navigate to the creator dashboard on Twitch.
  • Manage Goals: Within the dashboard, find the “Manage Goals” section under “Quick Actions.”
  • Add a Goal: If “Manage Goals” isn’t visible, click the plus button to find it. Then, click on “Add” under the “Grow Your Community” section.
  • Set Goal Details: Now check the basic settings such as displaying the current follower count and setting the follower goal.
  • Set Customization Options: Viewers can add a description and select different colors for the progress bar.
  • Set up Alerts: You can also use the options to set up alerts specifically for the follower goals.
  • Integrate with OBS: Now copy the browser source link provided by Twitch and paste it into OBS to display the follower goal on the stream.

Why Use Followers’ Goals Feature?

Why Use Followers’ Goals Feature

Easy to Use & Tailored for You:

This feature has been designed for simplicity. You can launch your goals directly from Twitch Studio, Stream Manager, and through chat commands. Also, you see goal recommendations according to your current stats which help you in setting achievable targets.

Community Engagement

You can showcase your progress and your viewers’ support to the world which is an ongoing motivation as the goals stay active until you meet the targets.

How Do Viewers View Your Goal

When you start a goal, it will automatically appear on your channel page, sub button, and browser source overlay. As more people follow or subscribe to your channel, your goal leads to completion. To hype the community, new goals appear at the top of the chat.

Note: A streamer can create both followers and sub-goals but the browser will display the most recently created goal. For example, if you already have an active follower goal and you create a new sub-goal the browser will automatically display the new sub-goal. But if you want to show the follower goal, you will need to create a new follower goal separately.

My Experience of Using Follower Goals

It has been an awesome experience to use Twitch Followers Goals for me. I love brainstorming different strategies to engage my audience and improve my streams. So this goal-setting feature has tremendously affected my channel. It’s amazing and motivating for me to hit my Milestones like 100 or 1000 followers. I can see clear growth in my channel since I started using this feature.


1: What are the latest improvements made to Creator Goals on Twitch?

Recently Twitch has included support for live progress like, customizable colors, easy tracking, and toggling Sub-Goals based on Sub Count.

2. How can I delete my goal?

To end or delete your goal click Delete Goal after opening the Manage Goal menu.

3. Can I display follower goals directly on my Twitch stream?

Yes, you can display follower goals on your Twitch stream using OBS or other streaming software. Simply add a browser source and paste the URL provided when setting up the follower goal in the Manage Goals section.


Followers’ goals provide a fun way for the viewers to feel involved and participate in their favorite creators’ journey. Setting up follower goals on Twitch is an easy-to-understand process. But note that Twitch’s current system only allows for the display of the most recently created goal in the browser source. Despite this limitation, follower goals offer an effective way for creators to track the channels’ growth and engage their community.