Buying Twitch viewers isn’t an unethical practice, it’s just circulated on the internet in the wrong way. It’s nothing more than a strategic move that can kickstart your journey on the platform to become a recognized and famous streamer.

The irrelevant guides on the internet have conveyed this practice as a shortcut to becoming famous but this is not how it actually works. It’s all about triggering the Twitch’s algorithms and making them work in your favor so that your content reaches its right audience.

Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers

In this guide, we’ll help you find the best site to buy Twitch viewers by explaining the perks and disadvantages you may face when buying Twitch viewers from different platforms. So, without delaying this anymore, let’s dig into it.

1. GrowthMount

GrowthMount Website

GrowthMount is the best site to buy Twitch viewers because it covers all the loopholes that could potentially affect your account’s credibility or performance.

GrowthMount offers stable Twitch viewers because they know how consistency can affect your potential growth. With a steady and engaged audience throughout your streaming sessions, you ensure the possible exponential growth on Twitch.

These stable Twitch viewers are sourced from authentic accounts. GrowthMount claims to deliver real Twitch viewers that can help you become an affiliate or partner on Twitch.

Alongside Twitch viewers, GrowthMount also offers custom and generic Twitch viewers that add a whole new level of credibility to your stream and work as a social proof to attract a wider organic audience to your channel.

After going through every platform on the internet, we can say that GrowthMount offers the cheapest prices and that for all the top-tier services.

In a nutshell, they cover every aspect that matters for your Twitch growth. Check out their budget-friendly packages and never hesitate to reach out to their customer care support. They’re super friendly and they will stick to your concerns throughout your buying process.


  • Stable Viewers
  • Views from real accounts
  • 100% safe
  • Generic and Custom Chatters
  • Market Competetive Prices
  • Active and Friendly Customer Care Support


  • N/A

2. UseViral

UseViral Website

UseViral is another trusted and reputable platform providing real Twitch viewers and aiming to help you get the boost you deserve on your Twitch channel.

UseViral claims authentic viewers that help you increase your account’s credibility. They’re responsive and quick to deliver Twitch viewers.

The prices of UseViral services are relatively 3x higher than GrowthMount which can drastically affect your bank balance in case you’re planning to buy Twitch viewers in bulk.

Moreover, UseViral doesn’t provide Twitch chatters alongside viewers which can potentially limit your Twitch growth.

All in all, they’re providing authentic viewership with great results. With their money-back guarantee and up-to-the-mark customer care, they’ve been satisfying their clients in the past. But considering their high prices and lack of Twitch chatter services, GrowthMount stays the number one choice for everyone.


  • Safe Twitch Viewers
  • Quick Delivery
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Expensive
  • No Twitch Chatters

3. BoostHill


BoostHill has made a name for itself over time as they’ve been doing exceptionally well in the market. With their authentic Twitch viewers, they are capable of contributing genuine engagement to your Twitch content.

BoostHill offers Twitch chatters alongside Twitch viewers to maximize your progress on Twitch. They claim instant delivery within 5 minutes of your payment confirmation.

Moreover, there are some drawbacks you may experience with their customer support service. After going through a couple of reviews, looks like their support is not actively responding 24/7.

Talking drawbacks, their prices are expensive as well compared to our top pick GrowthMount.

Overall, they’re worth trying if you can afford their rates and you’re okay with the limitations like poor customer service. Because at the end, their services are legit and they ensure progressive growth on Twitch.


  • Genuine Twitch Viewers
  • Maximize your Engagement with Chatters and Viewers
  • Trusted Platform


  • Terrible Customer Support Care
  • Expensive

4. StreamerViewerBot


StreamerViewerbot offers effective Twitch viewers but they’re not best with their services. Their prices are relevantly super high and they don’t provide stable Twitch viewers.

Their services are limited to Twitch viewers only, they do not provide Twitch chatters. Although, their customer support care is effective and super-friendly, but they do not operate 24/7 which means you may experience delayed replies to your queries. They only operate and work on your orders during their working hours.

StreamerViewerBot isn’t really the best option out there, you may face multiple limitations and complications if you go for it. It’s not worth your money overall.


  • Effective Twitch Viewers
  • Wide range of packages.


  • No stable viewers (they may fluctuate a lot)
  • No chatters

5. StreamerPlus


StreamerPlus offers real Twitch viewer services but the overall experience they provide lacks in some areas too. Let’s take a look.

Starting with the quality of their views, they ensure high-quality viewership that leads to genuine engagement on your content, it’s super helpful to build up your channel reputation if you’re a new content creator on Twitch.

StreamerPlus claims that their customer support is active all the time but after looking at the reviews and experiences, it’s not true. Users have mentioned a lack of friendliness and delayed responses. They don’t offer Twitch chatters as well, which puts a barrier and limits your Twitch growth.

To sum it up, they don’t compete with our top picks at all. The overall experience doesn’t check all the objectives that a potential customer can have.


  • Real Twitch Viewers
  • Fast Delivery


  • Bad Customer Support Care
  • No Twitch Chatters

6. TwitchBooster


TwitchBooster offers a wide range of real Twitch viewer packages but they’re just too expensive. If that doesn’t affect you then keep on reading more about about them.

They have well-maintained customer care support which is available around the clock to answer all your queries. 

Their services are genuine, you can depend on them without worrying about the consequences.

But as far as the results are concerned, we’ve mixed thoughts about them because their viewership is not really stable. The viewers fluctuate a lot causing complications to attract organic viewers effectively.

In a nutshell, the high prices and unstable viewership make them our last pick. You can’t rely on TwitchBooster for effective Twitch growth.


  • Real Twitch Viewers
  • Great Customer Support Care
  • Wide range of packages


  • Super Expensive
  • Not Stable Viewership

Comparison Between the Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers

Below is the analytical infographic image that will help you understand the differences between the best sites to buy Twitch viewers.

Comparison Between the Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers
Comparison Between the Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Site to Buy Twitch Viewers

There are many factors that you must overview when selecting the best place to buy Twitch viewers. Below, we’ll go through all the important factors that you should consider to make an informed decision.

Reputation and Reviews

Reputation is the number one factor that you should consider when selecting a platform to buy Twitch services. The most reliable way to find one’s reputation is through their customer reviews. You can also ask about a specific platform within your community to get deep insights into their services.

Price Comparisons

Different platforms ask for different price quotations for their services. While some are tempting, as they’re cheap but not they’re not effective. While some offer competitive prices with high-quality services. It’s up to you in the end, do your best research and go with a platform that you trust.

Authenticity and Stability

The authenticity of the services should be one of your major concerns because this is something that can have severe consequences and you will be the one facing them, not your service providers. Always go for the platforms that offer viewers directed from real accounts instead of artificially generated ones. Lastly, make sure the viewer’s services are stable for optimal growth opportunities.

Chatters and Engagement

While Twitch viewers are one of the most effective ways to boost your Twitch growth, but if you combine Twitch viewers with Twitch chatters, the results will enhance exponentially in the long run. So, always opt for the service providers who offer Twitch chatters alongside Twitch viewers.

SSL Certification

Ensure that your service provider has SSL certification to ensure that your data and your transactions are protected.

Customer Support

A responsive customer support team can bring a whole new level of comfort and trust during your buying process. Make sure your selected platform provides reliable customer support care that is available to answer your concerns throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to buy Twitch viewers?

A: GrowthMount is the best site to buy Twitch viewers because they provide stable live viewers who are optimal to attract a better range of organic audiences to your content. Moreover, their viewers and chatters services are real as they come from real Twitch accounts.

How to buy Twitch viewers?

A: Buying Twitch viewers from GrowthMount is super simple, just select a package that suits your future goals. Select the payment option and once you’re done, let their customer support know. They start working on your order as soon as possible and deliver the results within the next 5 minutes in most situations.

Is it legal to buy Twitch viewers?

A: Yes, according to Twitch terms and conditions,  it is legal to buy Twitch viewers as long as they’re not generated by artificial sources.


There we go, folks! This guide has included all the detailed insights that you need to know when selecting the best site to buy Twitch viewers.

If any of your query has remained unanswered, you can always leave us a message or contact our customer support care and we’ll ensure that nothing remains uncleared. Happy Streaming!!