Whether you are comparing your Twitch progression with someone else’s or just trying to find out the exact date when you created your Twitch account then you are at the right place. In this article, we will show you the right way to find out when a Twitch account was created.

How to Check Twitch Account Age and When It Was Created

This article will help you find the age of Twitch accounts in a few seconds. So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the details.

How to Check When a Twitch Account Was Created?

To find out the creation date of a Twitch account, you will need to use a third-party tool/website. We recommend you sullygnome.com as it works perfectly fine for us. Follow the steps below to check an account’s creation date.

How to Check When a Twitch Account Was Created
  • Go to www.sullygnome.com
  • At the top right corner, you will find a search box.
  • Enter the name of the channel for which you would like to find the creation date.
  • Click on the channel, once you find your desired channel.
  • In the middle of the screen, you’d different details about the channel whether it is Twitch affiliated, etc.
  • At the extreme right of all those details, you will see the text “Created: (DATE)”

This method does not ask anything from you, just a few clicks and you’d be able to find out the creation date of any channel that exists on Twitch.

How to Check a Twitch Account’s Age?

The process is pretty much the same as above. You will be required to do a little subtraction to find out the exact age of any Twitch account so make sure you have a age calculator opened in another tab once you are doing this. Follow the steps below to find out a Twitch account’s age.

Check a Twitch Account’s Age
  • Go to www.sullygnome.com
  • Enter the name of your desired channel in the search bar which is located at the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on the desired channel.
  • You will find the creation date of that Twitch account in the middle of the page along with other information.
  • Go to an Age Calculator Tool
  • Enter the creation date of that account into the date of birth section and in the section of “age at the date of” enter the current date.
  • You will be given the age of that account.
How to Check a Twitch Account’s Age with Age Calculator

This age calculator tool will give you the age of that Twitch account in all possible formats. From exact years to seconds, you’d be able to find out the time that account has been live for.

Why Do People Require Twitch Account’s Age?

There is no specified reason behind the urge of finding someone’s account creation date. It is just done out of curiosity. Some people tend to compare themselves with other streamers and to find out the progression between them, they seek other’s creation dates on Twitch.

You’d be surprised by the fact that if you go and look at some of those famous Twitch streamers with a thousand of consistent viewers on Twitch, they would have created their account a long time ago.

Why Do People Require Twitch Account’s Age

Furthermore, coming from our experience, it is never a healthy practice to compare your progression on Twitch with your fellow streamers. To achieve your goals, you must have only one competitor and that is you.

The natural rhythm of progress is often beyond our control, with each individual having their own unique pace of advancement. So, we can only try our level best and success will come sooner or later.

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Finding out any Twitch account’s creation date is all good unless someone’s privacy is disturbed so make sure you always consider everyone’s privacy on the platform.

Furthermore, finding out someone’s Twitch account age can help you by providing valuable insights about them or even about you. It can help identify your progression on Twitch and you can always have a look at others to feel motivated.

We hope this guide solved all your queries about finding anyone’s Twitch account creation date. Keep grinding and make Twitch a safer place for everyone!