If you are looking for the best place to buy Spotify plays or streams you are at the right place. GrowthMount is the ultimate site selling real and cheap Spotify plays or stream services.

Buy Spotify Plays or Streams

If you want to be successful on Spotify you need a sizeable and engaged audience. When you buy Spotify plays or streams from GrowthMount, you cut short the long process of building a sizeable audience and tend to gain immediate credibility. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that we at GrowthMount, provide you with real plays that are eligible for full royalties and listen to whole songs.

Spotify Streams Stats
Spotify Streams Stats

When you get real plays or streams on Spotify, you tend to get a lot of additional benefits. This is because, like most other platforms, Spotify also promotes accounts that are growing in terms of popularity. When the Spotify algorithm notices that your account or channel is getting a lot of new listeners in a short period of time, it assumes that people like your stuff and are interested in listening to more of your songs or music. As a result, it starts recommending it to others and begins including your tracks in various playlists. This, in turn, helps you gain a lot of listeners organically. Thus, when you buy more plays or streams from GrowthMount, you are in a win-win situation.

In a nutshell, when you order more Spotify plays, you get real people listening to your songs in the first place. What it means is that if they like your stuff they may decide to follow your account for a longer period of time so that they can get to listen to more of your songs when you upload new ones. Over and above, as your popularity grows on Spotify, other people are also likely to recommend your music. This further helps grow your account on Spotify.

Benefits of Buying Spotify Plays or Streams

At GrowthMount, we pride ourselves on being the number-one seller of Spotify plays, streams and much more. When you buy Spotify plays from us, you get real plays (for whole songs) and thus you are able to reach out to a larger audience and also tend to gain more popularity among music artists. We not only provide affordable packages but also unmatched 24/7 customer support to tackle all your queries and issues promptly.

Become Popular Amazingly Fast

Become Popular Amazingly Fast

One of the most crucial parts of being successful on Spotify is to have a substantial number of plays. Streams are one of the most vital statistics that are used to measure your popularity on this platform especially when it comes to new or upcoming artists. More streams make your songs and albums more relevant over time. We at GrowthMount, offer a variety of packages and you can choose one according to the Spotify account scale that you want as well as according to your budget. We proudly boast of reasonable packages that should suit your marketing strategy perfectly and should help you reach goals quickly.

Get Real Attention from Real People

If you want to reach a lot of listeners on Spotify and see your organic reach simply explode then GrowthMount is the place to be! We will help your song become a chartbuster by making it reach out to a much larger audience in no time. You can simply buy Spotify play service from us and as you do so we begin delivering the plays organically to your song. The best part is that more streams will help your track get more visible on Spotify and this, in turn, will help you gain more followers and streams over time. So go ahead, choose a plan that fits your goal and pocket and we will start sending play or streams to your songs.

Get Real Attention from Real People
Gain Recognition

Gain Recognition

Every upcoming talent craves for getting recognition and the adulation that follows it, in the music industry. However, it is not easy with literally thousands of news artists launching their careers every day. It’s hardly surprising that you need a certain boost as well as a place so that your career can start getting traction. Spotify is just the right place for you since it can help your career get the required momentum with the help of an artist’s account opportunity. However, just having an account is not enough. You need to put in a lot of effort and time so that your songs can get the desired number of plays to be noticed. Buying Spotify plays certainly helps you achieve the desired levels of popularity faster than you can think of. The best part is that you don’t need to buy thousands or 1 million Spotify streams to get recognized. A few hundred can certainly add a lot to your recognition on this platform.

Save Money

Unfortunately, for an artist, marketing and advertising his brand online or offline may mean spending a lot of money and resources. Now, this could be a major hurdle for a new artist when trying to gain a foothold within the music industry. But when you get Spotify plays from GrowthMount you can get a lot more people to listen to your tracks at a highly reasonable or cheap price. We offer budget-friendly plans so that new and upcoming artists can showcase their talent on Spotify without burning a hole in their pockets. Even with our low-cost plans, we can help you plan an amazingly effective Spotify promotion for which you will thank us later!

Save Money
Earn Royalties

Earn Royalties – Make More Money

Buying real Spotify streams from GrowthMount certainly helps you get more popular with followers but it is not just about increasing your reach as a musician. It’s equally about earning money too. It’s worth knowing that Spotify has one of the best money-earning programs for musicians that get more plays. Listeners need to subscribe in order to listen to tracks on Spotify and this system helps young and new musicians earn a sizeable amount of money in the form of royalties over time. More Spotify plays mean higher earnings for the artist. Thus, pick a Spotify package (from above) according to your need and budget and see your plays translate into profits over time!

Why Should You Buy Spotify Plays From GrowthMount?

When you buy Spotify Plays from GrowthMount, you buy real streams on Spotify and not from bots that increase both your followers and earnings over time.

Real Spotify Followers

Plays from Real Spotify Users

All the Spotify streams that you get from GrowthMount are from real or authentic users that have accounts on Spotify. At GrowthMount we make an extra effort in vetting the user profiles to make sure they are 100% real before delivering Spotify plays to you. We never provide you with fake or bot plays that could risk getting your account banned. We work hard to make sure that the views or plays that you get are identical to organic streams so that your account is absolutely safe.

Instant & Safe Delivery

Quick & Safe Delivery

We strive to deliver Spotify plays as quickly as possible. However, we try to make sure that our Spotify streams are indistinguishable from organic plays or else the system may detect them as fake plays and you won’t be able to monetize your account in future. Thus, the delivery time of your order varies depending on the size of the order. For instance, if you order 1,000 plays, we try to deliver them in the next 1-4 days and if your order is as big as 100,000 plays, we will try to deliver it in 30-35 days. In other words, we endure drip-feed delivery to make these plays look organic.

24_7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

One of our strongest plus points is our excellent customer support. Our customer support team is available round the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! (this makes us better than other competing sites that provide customer support only during office hours and that too on weekdays) Thus, if you have any doubts or queries, you can get in touch with our customer service representative either through the live chat option or through email and they should be happy to assist you.

Earn Royalties

Very High Retention Rate & Refill Guarantee

I cannot stress enough the fact that our services come from real genuine people and at GrowthMount, we boast of one of the highest retention rates among social media growth service providers on the net. We go an extra mile in making sure that the quality of profiles that we send plays from is reliable and active. Over and above, we also provide a 60-day refill guarantee from the date of purchase. In simple words, if any of your plays (that you bought from us) disappear, you can get in touch with our dedicated customer support team and your order will be replenished.

Country-Targeted Spotify Followers

Country-Targeted Spotify Plays

Spotify has various playlists and some of them are based on the country where the streams come from. It’s worth noting that some plays or tracks may be popular in a particular country. This is why we offer targeted audience packages. At GrowthMount, you can choose plays from various countries that could include the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, etc. Alternatively, you can also choose a worldwide package to ensure better visibility on global playlists.

secure payment

100% Secure Payment

We have a strong tech team that constantly optimized our site in terms of security. Not just this, all transactions are processed through an encrypted SSL server. We never ask for your password or login details or any sort of personal information. All we need is your billing detail and the target Spotify URL. The only other thing that we need from you is the Spotify track, album, or podcast URL in order to process your order.

How to Buy Spotify Plays?

Spotify Followers Stats


Here are some frequently asked questions:

NO! We make sure that the Spotify streams that we deliver are identical to organic plays. It is almost impossible to differentiate between both plays since we deliver the streams from 100% real and authentic Spotify users who have active profiles. Your account will remain absolutely safe.

Yes, we do provide a refill option. In case, some of the plays that we deliver disappear, you can get in touch with our customer support team and we will replenish them.

Yes! If a song or track is played for more than 30 seconds before it is repeated, it is counted as an additional stream. However, you must make sure that your volume is up since Spotify does not count muted streams.

More plays or streams tend to increase your visibility as well as credibility on this platform. Your tracks tend to get included in many more playlists. This helps you get more organic plays resulting in an increase in the number of followers and listeners as well.

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