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Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

Monthly Listeners count on every Spotify profile keeps a track of your unique listener count for any given month. If you have a high monthly listener count, it clearly indicates that you are popular on Spotify and that people like and appreciate your work. It also indicates that they are likely to get back to your channel of account in order to listen to your music of songs. However, it takes a lot of time to build an audience organically. We at GrowthMount can do the hard part for you. You can now buy monthly listeners from us and build your monthly play literally in hours!

Taylor Swift Monthly Listeners on Spotify

When you buy monthly listeners, you must also buy Spotify plays. This helps you build a sizeable audience very quickly and will add to your credibility. Its worth mentioning here that at GrowthMount, we deliver real plays that are eligible for full royalties and listen to whole songs.

Why Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners from GrowthMount?

Even though we do not like to brag about our services, the fact of the matter is that we are far better than other sites selling similar services. At GrowthMount, we take pride in saying that we are one of the best sites where you can buy impressions for your social media accounts. Listed below are some of the main reasons why we think we are better than the competition:

  • First and foremost, we are concerned about the security of your account and we never ask for your password. Even though it is up to you whether you want to share your password or not, it is better that you never ever share it with anyone. All that we need from you is the URL of your channel, account, or profile on a particular platform whether it be Spotify, Twitch, or Instagram.
  • We, at GrowthMount, strive to deliver the highest quality of monthly listeners to your Spotify account so that these listeners won’t disappear after some time. And if some of them do, we are more than happy to recompensate all your losses.
  • We not only believe in but also strive to provide the best possible customer service to you. We are available 24/7 to help deal with your queries. We have a dedicated team that is always ready to help you out with quick solutions to any problem that you might face.
  • We believe in keeping your anonymity intact so much so that no one will ever be able to know that you bought monthly listeners from us.
  • We are really quick when it comes to delivering your orders. As soon as we get your payment, we start processing your order through our safe and secure system.
  • Please keep in mind that the monthly listener’s cycle is 30 days. Therefore, after a period of 30 days, your listeners will start disappearing. I must mention here that it is not because of an error. Thus, you will then need to buy them again. This is precisely the reason our prices are comparably low.

Why Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners from GrowthMount?

When your account gets a larger number of monthly listeners, their tracks get quite visible and Spotify tends to suggest their tracks in the “Spotify Suggestion Playlists”. Its worth noting that a Spotify suggestion playlist is visible to everyone and it makes it possible for you to reach a much broader audience.

Real Monthly Listeners

No Risk of Decrease

The Spotify Monthly Listeners service that we provide does not bear the risk of a decrease (in the number of listeners). In case, the number of listeners falls within a month of your purchase, we will refill your losses. At the same time, Spotify monthly listeners’ statistics get reste and calculated monthly under the Spotify algorithm.

Instant & Safe Delivery

Instant & Safe Delivery

At GrowthMount, we believe in delivering your orders as quickly as possible. This is why we start processing your order as soon as you complete the purchase. We try to complete your order with the estimated delivery time as shown on the service page.

24_7 Customer Support

Dedicated 24/7 Customer Support

We are extremely proud of our dedicated 24/7 live customer support team which is fully equipped to handle all your queries through our embedded chat system, WhatsApp and email address.

secure payment

No Password

The security of your account if of great importance to use. We never ask for your password or any other private information. Furthermore, we recommend that you never ever share your passwords with anyone.

How to Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners?

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Here are some frequently asked questions:

Even though monthly listeners won’t make you gain any money directly, a high number of listeners will not only make the Spotify algorithm pick up your tracks in the Spotify Playlists, making more people take notice of your tracks.

Yes! We process all your payments through an encrypted payment processor. Moreover, we never ask for your password and we maintain utmost secrecy and so that no one knows that you bought monthly listeners from us. We also deliver real listeners so there’s no risk to your account.

Spotify has a rolling window of 25 days per listener. Therefore, we guarantee that the ordered number of monthly listeners to be visible for at least 25 days.

Any Questions?

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